Friend of a Farmer

Friend of a Farmer is a snug, rustic, country-like house posted up next to the delightful Gramercy Park. The two-story restaurant has old wooden stairs, fabric rose wall paper, hanging tin pans and barrels of fake produce such as squash, bananas and potatoes portraying the authentic “Little House on the¬†Prairie”¬†look. Although the brunch menu is no more ambitious than any other popular spot, somehow the fact that all the eggs are served in black skillets guarantees goodness. The omelette options are endless serving a typical southwestern omelette with guacamole and salsa to a healthy egg white, feta and tomato omelette. The pumpkin pancakes are no bag of tricks and taste pretty similar to a buttermilk pancake. The staff is bustling and cranking out the food fast to keep up with the long line wrapping around the block. Unfortunately, they only take reservations for dinner, but it’s not worth it. Stick out the line, it moves pretty quickly and order some warm corn bread upon arrival at your table. The cinnamon apples make it interesting. This timeless atmosphere is comforting, and the food is more than satisfying. Chek out Friend of a Farmer when you are looking for something warm, low key and a casual brunch that is a step above the rest in the neighborhood!