Frank Restaurant

Frank, Lil’ Frankie’s and Supper stand as a trio of superb affordable, young and fun Italian restaurants all coasting the East Village. Frank’s is where I discovered the most unreal, delicious form of mozzarella cheese I have ever had and most likely will ever have in my life. Behold their burrata special- it’s flown in daily from Italy and is the softest creamiest ball of mozzarella you’ve ever put against your lips. Not ordering this appetizer is a straight up sin and insult to the rest of the people you are dining with. The basil, large beefsteak tomatoes on the bread or sans bread are a dream come true. Lil Frankie’s is to pizza as Frank is to pasta. The specials here are inundated with almost every noodle and sauce you can imagine. Black Linguini with Calamari, Pappardelle Veal Ragu, Orecchiette Broccoli Rabe, Risotto with Quail, etc. and not to mention menu staples that already exist such as: Rigatoni Al Ragu, Gnocchi and Penne with Tomatoes and Basil. Focus on the specials because how often do you see Kale Gnocchi and because ragu wins the pasta game for me always.

The Pumpkin Ravioli’s huge squares emit a sweet flavor yet carby satisfaction when you expect a savory dish for dinner. The Pappardelle Veal Ragu kept my fork coming back the most, yet the Kale Gnocchi is experimental and something new to try. Yes, it’s green! While I love the Wood Roasted Chicken at Lil Frankie’s, I’d skip the Roasted Rosemary Chicken here. It came out a bit dry and the pastas just outshine everything so much that sticking to the red sauce is the way to roll. Price is another amazing factor here. Beware it’s cash only, but also get excited because you won’t dent your wallet here. Pastas are all between $10-$15. We walked out paying $30 each including alcohol. Relief, joy, happiness, affordable, satisfaction. What else can you possibly ask for? Keep Frank’s in your back pocket for a casual date night, cheap group dinner, out of towner pleaser, etc.

Roasted Chicken