Flora’s Kitchen (Cabo Getaway)

Don’t let the windy road up to Flora Farm fool you. This gem founded by California-native Gloria Flora is one of the most pleasant surprises in this party-centric city. Imagine fields of greens, blossoming sunflowers with a  devoted and lovely restaurant and grocery store selling homemade jams, freshly baked breads, farm-raised animals, hand-crafted bacon and organic produce grown right on the premises. Sundays are a real treat with family style brunches and live music. Think pastry baskets filled with olive oil muffins and cinnamon rolls, lemon ricotta pancakes, herbed scrambled eggs, farm roasted potatoes and desserts. The homemade baguette which seems to be so tough at most restaurants, is incredibly fresh and soft. Don’t miss the mango jam spread which you will end up filling up with before your meal.


Dinner is another story and just as tempting. The mouthwatering Organic Fried Chicken Dinner is available on Tuesdays. It is served with an appetizer, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed greens, coleslaw, biscuits and dessert. The best dessert on the menu is the Butterscotch Pudding. The rich flavor is shocking, inviting and such a treat. Butterscotch is so underrated these days. Everyone gears up for this family-style dinner, and the best part is your party size doesn’t matter and not everyone at the table has to commit. Therefore, you can order for just two of you or if you are in the mood for another dish, your friends can still participate. Make sure you spend time walking around the farm. Currently, there are cottages/homes for sale on the grounds. You can grab authentic Mexican jewelry, bowls and other souvenirs at a cute little non-tacky gift shop as well. Flora’s Kitchen is recommended by some of the country’s best chefs such as Thomas Keller and Jean-Georges. Skip the beach view restaurants and make sure to put Flora’s Kitchen at the top of your list. You’ll be dreaming and talking about it for days. Hey, you might even convince yourself buy that cottage in Mexico…

Tip: Closed on Mondays and only open for brunch on Sundays. Reservations recommended.