Ducks Eatery

Ducks Eatery has quite the meaty/animal dishes up their sleeve and some that you’ve never heard of like Shrimp Chips,”Deez Nuts” (which are cashews, bacon, cocoa krispies, bing cherries) as well as Crispy Pig Ears, Bone Marrow, etc. – dude food for sure. Males as well as Bohemians populate the place sprinkled with a few females who are eager to get down with a Whole Goat Neck or maybe something more. The small restaurant fits in a numerous amount of tables, seats at the bar which would be an ideal spot to grab drinks or for a date and outdoor seating when it’s nice and they let the windows hang open. The cocktail menu is pretty rad with Ilegal Mezcal, Tequila, Gin and my favorite Bourbon and Sweet Ginger combo – see perfect for bros. However, as a member of the opposite sex, I still absolutely loved Ducks Eatery and think most adventurous girls will if you can open up to eating Goat’s Neck which is fascinatingly tender and tastes like brisket.

We started off with Rocky Point Oysters with Jalapeño Mignonette which came three to the bunch and were also meaty because what on the menu isn’t? It’s a nice, light way to start this carnivorous meal. Next up were the Shrimp Chips that came with a Vinegar and Cilantro dipping sauce. These were crunchy, airy and reminded me of those Fried Pork Rinds you see at gas stations on road trips. They tasted fine and looked pretty cool in shades of orange, green and white, but it’s nothing to drop your jaw over. What is jaw dropping is that big Smoked Whole Goat Neck with yellow curry, bing cherries and coconut rice for two. This bad boy is worth a double take and I’m not even kidding the girl next to me who decided to order Red Beans ‘n Rice asked if she could take a photo of our dish (talk about orders remorse). Yes, I allowed her to have a bite and no it wasn’t weird, but I did skip her offer on the beans and rice. The Goat Neck occupied all of my attention until there was no meat left on the plate. Maybe we are crazy but we were both thinking it didn’t look like it was going to be enough meat for us, but there is enough meat all around and it’s the perfect size for two. It was so similar to a braised brisket that your Jewish mother makes and marinates for days. Tender as can be, able to be pulled apart with just a fork and full of flavor. The curry isn’t potent and the dried, plump cherries add a nice touch. My only wish is that the rice tasted more like coconut.

We also got a side of the celery root prepared with Wakame Butter, Mery Lemon, Togarashi and Burdock. It came in potato looking square form and is pretty tasty. Also, take note that only on Tuesday evenings is a brisket special. If their brisket is as good as their Goat Neck, which my good friend Josh Beckerman aka “The Foodie Magician” highly recommends and who I trust, then it should be just as magical. Side note, he actually went on the Cooking Channel to talk about the restaurant here. Be entertained. On Thursdays, they offer a Crawfish Boil special, too.

Ducks Eatery isn’t going to cause you a headache or anxiety to get a reservation and you can even stroll in on 7 p.m. and probably snag a table. Nothing better than a chill restaurant with great food and something new and exciting to try. Hang Loose.