When Dimes first open a year or so ago, people went wild for their acai bowls at breakfast. I think they were and still are one of the only sit down restaurants that offer them in the city. I mean it’s basically like fro-yo for breakfast but without candy topping options. However, everyone needs to talk about Dimes for dinner more. This place tastes like the best home cooked meal you’ve never had or the one that your best friend who has a hidden chef talent makes for your group of friends on the reg. Everything is super fresh and the portions are perfect leaving you crawling back for more (or at least ending with that chocolate chip cookie or yogurt flavored ice cream). 


Start with The Big Salad. It’s a massive bowl of greens and fruits that taste like a legit farmer’s market exploded in your mouth. Think sungold tomatoes, plum, candy cane beets, pickled mustard seeds and a shallot vinaigrette. The dressing is super light that you almost don’t know it’s there but it still has that perfect vinegar and citrus lining that you need. The bowl feels like a never ending bowl of salad in a good way. Enough to share for 2-3 people where you wont have to fight over the plums. Whatever you do, you must get the Roasted Chicken for two. I do have to say the “I never order Chicken when I’m out rule” must vanish from your repertoire. Chefs here are making the bird magical and grilled chicken is so over. This chicken offers the right amount of crispy skin that folds perfectly into the juicy chicken with each bite. That green harissa sauce though. Placed atop a bed of herb and mint dressed farro with tomatoes and watermelon radishes you’d say it’s balanced meal. Oh wait, there is more, yo. Grilled peaches atop large hearts of romaine. I mean again it’s like you are at a fancy outdoor summer BBQ and all of your culinary dreams have come true before your eyes. Clean, light, delicious, and best of all it’s more satisfying than any greasy, fried bird. When you’ve got simple ingredients and great flavor, you’ve got yourself a winner, winner chicken dinner.


Now for dessert, the menu doesn’t sound TOO enticing, but we went with it. The chocolate chip cookie is a bit crunchy and mixes it up with an added rosemary herb. Seem pretty appropriate for a healthy and vegetable rich menu, eh? The real knockout is the Yogurt ice cream. Now, I’ll admit I’m not a cult follower of the “tart” fro-yo game or Fage, but this frozen treat stole my heart. Get over to Dimes for dinner. You’ll feel pleasant full (not plump) and leave feeling so fresh and so clean clean.