Crave Fishbar

Crave Fishbar is a seafood haven with a downtown feel but has been transported to Midtown East at 50th which is starting to become a street with delicious restaurant options for the neighborhood (The Smith and Socarrat have locations within a block too). The large size of the back room makes it perfect for big groups, and the relaxed nature of the staff  create a very calm environment. The location draws an older crowd, but there are still tables of young twenty-somethings who live in the ‘hood and are thankful for a new spot. The seafood lives up to the name of the restaurant, and the food is very clean.

IMG_3045Seared Rare Line Caught Yellowfin Tuna
Start with the Fig Salad – the chorizo dressing kicks you in the mouth in a good way. The rare tuna was a hit at our table as almost everyone ordered and devoured it. As beautiful and tasty as it was, the five honey glazed brussels sprouts paired with it stole away the show. They might be the most memorable brussels sprouts (besides Saxon & Parole’s) that I’ve ever had. They need to add them to the side option on the menu stat. The Lobster Curry dish stood out to me the most for it’s uniqueness and huge lobster portion. This is the dish to get. The side of beets aren’t worth anything special so skip these.

IMG_3046Lobster Curry
Crave Fishbar feels open and airy, and the front windows open onto the streets during nice nights. I love all of the oil paintings and picture frames in the back. Crave Fishbar is one of those restaurants that you can rely on for quality food, service, reservation availability and that your parents will love. The prices are on the high end but this seafood is worth the trek.