CowFish in Hampton Bays

CowFish. Location: Hampton Bays. East Montauk Highway. Scene: Loud. Water Side. Wooden Tables. Metal Cans. Food: Seafood. Sushi Rolls. Guacamole. Cumin Crusted Mahi Mahi. Pork Chop.

  1. Skillet Corn Bread
  2. NOLA Shrimp “Rumba:” Worcestershire reduction Sauce, Jasmine Rice and Corn Bread (2nd pic)
  3. Roasted Root Vegetables (3rd pic)
  4. Cookie Skillet (4th pic)

CowFish is an ideal restaurant for summer Hamptons-goers and those with share-houses full of absurd numbers. The space is huge and can fit large groups so no one in your 30 person house has to be left out. They even have huge square tables they can piece together so you can face everyone while also being able to look out through the windows onto the water and boats. The upstairs bar is a cute, little nook with live music to quench your thirst while waiting for a table. That being said, it’s also a legit spot for parents and families.

The food is pretty good especially for a new restaurant, and it should be a requirement that all order the Skillet Corn Bread. Although when it landed on the table, I did think it was pie, it ended up being amazing (obviously because it was in a skillet). It’s soft, the complete opposite of dry and stuffed with real corn pieces. You’ll want this. The Feature Roll of the Day was King Crab and Spicy Tuna which was big, crunchy and a bit overly sauced to where you couldn’t really see the seafood. It was more like comfort food, and I couldn’t differentiate or taste the different fish (1st pic). I absolutely loved the Roasted Root Vegetables, and it’s definitely the best side on the menu.

Now for dessert, the Cookie Skillet was a bombshell. The gooey, almost raw chocolate bites couldn’t have tasted any better with the heaping helping of ice cream and colored sprinkles. While some thought one bite was sweet enough to call it a night, others (not naming names) kept attacking the life threatening concoction. It was distracting while it was being passed further and further around the table that I was nervous I would never taste a dessert so perfect again in my life. Once snapped out of this ridiculous nightmare, we hopped outside to catch a ride on the restaurant’s bright green short bus which travels to and from its other restaurant Rumba where you can enjoy cocktails and old 90’s jams on the water. CowFish is a great alternative to the “see and be seen”  Hamptons atmosphere while still providing a promising and delicious evening.

***Tip: Kick it up a notch and join CowFish for its Jazz Brunch on Sundays.