Cow & Clover

Tired of being forced into bottomless brunches where the food tastes like it was made yesterday and in a mobile home without real sink water? Well, I think we just found one of the best group brunch deals with all you can drink mimosas and bloody’s [pitchers, woo!] at Williamsburg’s Cow & Clover just down on Kent Street. This location makes it prime for nearby spots if you want to continue day drinking such as Freehold. Even if you aren’t looking for a heavy drinking option, the family-style brunch prix-fixe is $30 for food per person which is a truly solid deal when you are forced into a set menu for large groups. However, the bottomless drinks are an additional $25, and the scene is super chill with open windows. It feels like adulthood here versus a party brunch in Meatpacking where you might need to close your eyes to get some refuge.

IMG_8120Vegetarian Omelette 
The menu includes a pastry basket – think muffins, cookies, breads. Three cheers for that! You are then greeted by four main dishes: The Flying Pig’s Farm Pork and Potato Hash with two fried eggs and house-made pickled peppers. As you know, anything in a skillet especially with fried eggs is a crowd pleaser. The Short Rib Burger is cut into quarters, ugh aren’t they just the best here, and topped with sharp cheddar, spring onions, and spicy aioli. Of course, a side of fries tags along to help wash it down. There’s also a Fried Shrimp with tomato pepper jam, and Georgia grits to help move along the day. The one dish that truly woke everyone up and got people singing and dancing was the Caramelized Apple Stuffed Brioche French Toast with Bourbon Maple Syrup. This dangerous sweet treat oozes and when compressed in your mouth, you feel like a pillow is exploding with the fluffy bread emitting that syrup. The last course which is dessert is a plate of assorted cookies. While they look chocolaty and melty, stock up on that French toast course and do not leave any room for these.

Cow & Clover really impressed me because it’s truly hard to keep everyone in a 10+ group fed and glasses topped off. They provided just enough food at a steady flow and always had our mimosas full. We loved our server and the bright space and easy going crowd made for a delightful Saturday. If I could name this place after a yoga pose, it would definitely be “Happy Baby” as we skipped out.