Corsino can be a bit off the beaten path for some as it’s tucked far west on Hudson just below the ravaging Meatpacking buzzy scene. The food will look familiar to those who frequent Inoteca and ‘Inoteca Liquori (which sadly just closed last week) reguarly since it’s by the same restaurant group. When you are in the mood for no frills and shills and just some good food on a plate that you dont care where it came from, who grew it or which famous chef prepared it, Corsino is the place for you. The staff pushes themselves to make sure you are seated in a quickly as they truly care and want you to have an enjoyable experience.The prices are far from a rip off (salads for $9 and pastas as low as $15). The large windows looking onto Horatio street give you that “pop” in the New York dining scene that you strive for. On to the food: while it may not appear that I order salads often while dining out (because I obviously don’t…oops), the arugula and apple salad here hits the spot and feeds you that healthy nourishment that you crave after a weekend of hellish eating. The light balsamico dressing works and as you shove the leafy greens in your mouth it feels right. The toasts are a fun teaser and the brussels sprouts crostini is a great introduction to the rest of your meal. We also tried the special flatbread of the day topped with mushrooms and pancetta aka it was a pizza. Loved the flat and thin crust and even though I’m not a big fan of pancetta, I couldn’t control my arm reaching for the last two slices.

The meatballs at ‘Inoteca Liquori were some of my favorite. While I haven’t ordered them here, I am confident that flavorful tomato sauce and tender balls must translate well over on the Westside as well. Corsino is overlooked and something that shouldn’t be missed. Venture on over to the quiet Westside and bask in this peaceful, affordable and caring spot whether you are on a date, gossiping over wine with a friend, or want to get away from all the posh in Meatpacking.