CoolMess- Ice Cream You Make

Did you ever think you’d be able to go out to make your own ice cream and eat it, too? Thanks to Marguerite Loucas and Margot Cyprus, New York now has a fun, interactive, sweets shop The room is full of electric and colorful decor, candy walls that you can fill those little plastic bags high with, and other fun local sweets such as: CookieDo, Fatty Sundays, Fatwhich Brownies, Black & White Cookies, Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars, Pound Cake, and the fun flavored ice cream cones from The Konery. It’s almost like all the cool dessert kids got together and broke down the door to Cool Mess and never left. This is a dessert lovers heaven. In addition, if you are strolling in the hood, craving some ice cream but don’t have time to sit and make your own, luckily they sell hard ice cream from Il Laboratorio Del Gelato so you can sneak in and out in no time.


Now, how do you make your own ice cream you ask? CoolMess has partnered with Blue Marble ice cream to offer you a choice of using their chocolate or vanilla base. After you pick your flavor, and choice of toppings to mix in, you head to your own table with your individual, kid-friendly, ice cream machine, turn it on and mix away. In no time, at least under 10 minutes, you’ll have your frozen ice cream concoction ready to eat. Toppings to choose from include: Heath Bar Crunch, Graham Crackers, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Pretzels, Caramel Sauce, and Chocolate Sprinkles. We tried Chocolate ice cream mixed with Brownies and Oreo as well as the Vanilla based ice cream with mini M&M’s, Colored Sprinkles, and mini Reese’s. While I’ve had Blue Marble Ice Cream before, there’s something better about freshly homemade ice cream not only right before your eyes but in your mouth. It’s smoother than ever before, milky, cold and even more delicious served in their silver metal bowls. You know that feeling where you can’t decide which flavor to try or which candy to get so you just get both thinking you’ll try a little bit of each? Beware, because each bite just gets better and better, fresher and fresher, and before you know it, you’ve eaten a whole batch of homemade ice cream. The phrase “like a kid in a candy store” should immediately be replaced with “like any human being in CoolMess.”


CoolMess might be designed for family friendly adventures, but there is by no means an age limit here. In fact, this is a perfect place to host an adult party as the room is as cheerful as can be and who doesn’t deserve a sugar high when it’s your birthday? Located directly above Burger Heaven (same owners), you’ve got your lunch or dinner covered for you in here as well.