Company Cafe (Dallas Getaway)

Company Cafe. Location: Dallas. Katy Trail. Scene: Wooden Walls. Exposed Pipes. Bright Produce Artwork. Food: Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs, Veggie Omelette, Deep Bowl with Beef Sweet Potato Hash and Eggs, Risotto Cakes.

Chek Recs:

  1. Company Migas: Chicken Breast, Bell Pepper, Onions, White Corn Tortillas, Black Beans, Scrambled Eggs, Feta and Organic Salsa (1st pic)
  2. The Company Burger: Grass-Fed Ground Beef with Shoestring Fries and Cheese
  3. Peanut Butter Cake (3rd pic)

Company Cafe just opened its newest location on the Katy Trail (bike and walking path), giving you the chance to work out pre-indulgence. The restaurant offers fantastic Tex-Mex inspired egg scrambles, burgers and even huge slices of irresistible cakes. They use natural, local and organic ingredients (doesn’t everyone?) However, CC stands out with its passionate and loving staff and eclectic menu making it almost impossible to decide on ordering one thing. I loved that the Company Migas incorporated chicken -something you dont see often- and they did not leave you feeling heavy or greasy. The burger is tender, impressive and smushy in a good way!

The inviting picnic benches outside create a nice spot to enjoy lunch, and the easy-going atmosphere inside reminds me of Austin. This will definitely become the next “it”spot to swing by for a drink. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the massive slices of cake. The chalk board lists the enticing and numerous options such as: Cookie Monster, Cheesecake, Mystery Cake (2nd pic), Chocolate Mousse, etc. Take one for the team or at least celebrate your birthday early by ordering one (or two) of these massive slices, and you’ll be sure to go home happy!