Coco & Cru – Australian Cafe in NoHo

There’s a new Australian crew in town and they have launched the newest Sydney style restaurant called Coco & Cru. This space seems to have a bit of a curse on Bleecker and Broadway although Sweetwater Social keeps the neighborhood happy downstairs with all of their games and big areas perfect for parties. Coco & Cru is super casual and lucky for you, easy enough for walk-in’s. Aren’t we always looking for a place like this? The menu is a bit different from the other Australian staples like Ruby’s and Bluestone Cafe, but they do offer an Aussie Burger with beets and a fried egg. Yup, that will get your Instagram likes up. There’s an entire bowl section which pays forward to the current trend of “I’LL EAT ANYTHING IN A BOWL WITH GRAINS AND VEGGIES RIGHT NOW.” Go for the Green Bowl with Broccoli, Spinach, Kale Pesto (yum), Ancient Grains, Poached Egg and Avocado. This green-i-licious bowl is great to share as a starter if you want to get your own sandwich or larger entree for a second course. Do skip the Shaved Zucchini Bowl as it lacks a lot of flavor and is essentially just a bowl of quinoa.

Surprisingly, I absolutely loved the Salmon Filet. While I do prefer to order something like a snapper or halibut when dining out, this piece of fish was cooked absolutely perfectly with some juices flowing and beautifully rare so that the flavor was just right. This dish is the kind of plate you think about the next day when you’re wondering about what could you possibly want for dinner.  You’ll  just immediately picture this perfect, hefty salmon steak in your belly. Seriously, it’s the best neighborhood fish you can get for a casual night out. Other entree options include Fish & Chips which my friend loved, Mushroom Rigatoni, Steak Frittes, and Chicken Schnitzel. The Chicken Sandwich with arugula, parmesan, and roasted tomatoes is another easy choice. Coco & Cru is a great new spot right off the cusp of SoHo. If you need to grab food after errands, a work out or somewhere last minute when you’re friends are about to eat their hand, then Coco & Cru is a great new spot right off the cusp of SoHo for you.