Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird plays some of the best pump-you-up, shake your booty, keep your cool, dance in your seat kind of music. You feel flirty, reminiscent and smile all at once. When you need a place to show off yourself, enjoy New York and order from a menu full of healthy dishes yet indulgent pasta offerings at the same time, this is for you. It’s not overwhelming meaning it’s not too loud, too trendy or full of stilettos and over the top dressers. Its purpose is to show the neighborhood a good time with decent food.

People rave about Charlie Bird because of the way you feel when you are here not because every dish is the best thing you’ve ever had. That being said, the Octopus, Ragu Pasta, Cauliflower and the Chocolate Cake with Olive Oil ice cream are major stand outs that you will ooo and aaaa over. The menu is divided into Raw, Small Plates, Pasta, Vegetables and Large Plates- because what else do you need? You can head down the light path with the Montauk Fluke and Lemon followed by the Sweet Pea and Mint Salad. The salad dressing on here is up there with the house dressing from Grey Dog. It has a horseradish accent and is very light and crisp. It’s also a nice size and could share with two or three other people depending on how many items you are trying. Totally dig the Grilled Octopus with fava beans. You could even make this your entree and skip those larger plates. It’s two large pieces that slice easily with the edge of the knife or even a fork.

IMG_5146 (1)Cauliflower
Skip the Roman Style Artichokes. They are overly fried and missing that soft part on the inside. Instead order the Caramelized Cauliflower with basil, lime and candied hazelnuts. It actually looks more like a salad, and we are not complaining about that. The cauliflower pairs perfectly with the candied hazelnuts that I thought was popcorn as I was shoveling these treats in my mouth. I would have loved to have a bit more cauliflower, but this dish is such a stand out I’ll let it slide.

Don’t let such a successful night end without the Warm Chocolate Budino with olive oil gelato and caramelized rice krispies. It’s like a classy molten cake full of runny fudge and the sweet and salty frozen combo really seals the deal- men, take a hint. Ladies go have fun with your girlfriends.

IMG_5154 (1)