I will admit the brunch culture in Austin is pretty much just a coffee and breakfast taco culture. It’s less about where to get the bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s or biscuits and gravy like an outside might expect for the south. I’m more of a I’d like a side of a chocolate chip pancake with my scrambled eggs and greens kinda gal. Therefore, Cenote is my jam! Tucked away in East Austin (with a new location in Windsor Park as well), ┬áit’s like a hipster coffee shop but with awesome food and a step up above my old college haunt Austin Java. They even added a large outdoor stage for live music during the last SXSW. It’s fairly easy for big groups because you order grub at the counter hassle-free and grab your own tables while you wait for them to deliver to you. So for your high-maintenance friend that likes to order an OJ, mimosa, coffee, AND water, don’t worry you wont’ have to split the bill.

Start off with a mango smoothie without any added crazy ingredients. It’s basically pureed mango and you feel like you are immediately on a tropical beach. My favorite egg dish here and maybe all of Austin is the Cenote Scramble. You know when a restaurant names a dish after the name of the joint it has to be good, right? It’s made with tomato, onion, arugula, pesto and capers which are the new game changing ingredients, goat cheese, and sprouts. It has all the morning flavors you need: salty, creamy, cheesy. While it comes with toast, I myself and Cenote had a trick up their sleeve. I’m not a toast person for one. I always want a flaky butter biscuit on the weekend. While there were only signs about bagels, breads, and tortillas, I still asked for a biscuit or English Muffin situation and sure enough when they brought out my dish there was a golden biscuit with strawberry jam! Did they make this buttery guy last minute in the back? Who knows, but next time you go, order the off-menu biscuit. Lets hope they have one for you.

For not being marketed as a Tex-Mex restaurant, their Migas are pretty damn good, too. Mixed with egg, tortilla, cheese, pico de gallo, and avocado, this hearty plate is good for the soul and gluten-free. If you need some greens, go for the healthful and simple Kale Salad with red onion, tomato, beets, goat cheese, avocado and lime juice for $9. No big deal, but one big salad.

When in doubt for a weekend breakfast of champions, choose Cenote.