Celebrate National Vodka Day with Wyborowa Wódka (SPONSORED POST)

If you didn’t know National Vodka Day is tomorrow October 4th. Don’t worry it’s not too late to prepare a grand old celebration now, and if you are observing Yom Kippur, then you can cheers to breaking the fast, right? Wyborowa Wódka, a Polish vodka brand created in 1927 is launching in the U.S. just in time tomorrow. Wyborowa means “The Finest” in Polish and is pronounced “Vee-bo-rova” or Wybo for short. Either way, who doesn’t enjoy saying Vodka Wodka anyway?  The brand prides itself on its high quality ingredients with 100% pure rye grain and smooth taste.  Not too mention how could you not trust them when Poland is the birthplace of the spirit? In addition, Wybo was the third fastest growing premium vodka brand in the world in 2013 and holds more than 20 international awards.

It’s the number one Polish Vodka in Poland among vodkas certified by the Polish Vodka Association and available in a long neck bottled with a newly designed “ripped paper” label in navy blue and silver. The vodka is distilled in 40 agricultural distilleries in Western Poland and imported in the US by Crillon Importers Ltd. in Paramus, New Jersey and sold for $15.99 for 750 ml.

For those of you looking to really celebrate National Vodka Day, let it be known that the company says that due to the pure rye grain combined with the craft distillation process, it’s so smooth that it’s best enjoyed neat or in shots- the traditional way of drinking. Don’t forget: Please Drink Responsibly.