Edible Cake Batter Dip: Chekmark Eats x Blank Slate Collaboration

It’s no secret that I have a dessert eating [disorder] situation. Most people crave salty chips, pizza, or pasta, but I can’t go a day without a cookie, chocolate, or ice cream of some sort. I love anything gooey, melted, or crumbly. When I had the S’mores Dip at Blank Slate, yes, you heard me right. S’mores Dip consists of a deep cast iron skillet filled to the brim with melted milk chocolate and resting below a layer of gooey marshmallows. A side of graham crackers are paired with the dessert for dipping. After inhaling this and feeling like I was at a campfire, I soon thought a few months later how I wish there was an edible cake batter dip. With edible cookie dough on the market, why can’t I get that same similar cakey flavor but in more of a pudding -like version with actual cake crumbs? I took the idea to my friends at Blank Slate, and after taste testing and experimenting, New York’s first Cake Batter Dip was born! I’m more than thrilled to announce Chekmark Eats collaboration with Blank Slate and tell you that this dessert is now on their permanent menu for you to go and try! Layers of fresh cake crumbs and colored sprinkles are folded in the dip which is served in a jar that can either be eaten with a spoon or with the classic Nilla Wafer cookies and crisp strawberries placed on the side. It’s not overly sweet and is something you can really eat again and again.

Make sure to tag @ChekmarkEats in your instagram photos as I’d love to hear what you think if you make it! Lastly, if you are too lazy to make it there, look out for delivery soon!