Cafe Habana

Sometimes you just need a Mexican breakfast. Black beans, eggs, tortilla chips, salsa- all the works. Cafe Habana which could easily be synonymous with the word “corn” has the cutest corner spot on Prince street in Nolita. You’ll see people chomping on their famous grilled corn covered in mayo, cotija cheese and chili powder coating on the streets or getting takeout tacos at their to-go spot next door to the restaurant. This corner is also often in movie scenes. It’s pretty tight and crowded inside so if you go with a small group you are more likely to get seated faster although I’ve managed to make it in there with 5 people in the back. There are colorful paintings, green painted leaves at the tops of the ceiling and bumping music to groove to giving you a cultural vibe distant from the standard New York American brunch.IMG_7855Huevos Rancheros
For brunch I went all out. I got the Chilaquiles Verdes con Pollo with two fried eggs (adding eggs is called Trucker Style). Boy was this baby fantastic. It’s a pulled chicken casserole cooked in tomatillo salsa with cotija cheese and black beans. The pulled chicken populates the dish in just the right way and all of the textures combined are heaven. The oozing egg really shines for the win, and the yolk is a major highlight when combined with the chicken and tortilla below. Beware- the green sauce is spicy yet awesome. Mix up these ingredients and then crawl back into bed. The Huevos Rancheros are also a good buy. Great red sauce, simple eggs, boom. IMG_7861Other brunch options include Steak and Eggs, Challah French Toast, Huevos Divorciado, Granola, etc. On another note, Cafe Habana is also very cheap. You can  walk away spending $10 on food alone easily. Those Chilaquiles are only $9.95 and the Rancheros? You guessed it- $6.96. I love the clientele that populates this restaurant. Everyone from all over comes in to have a blast and it’s a solid option.