Cafe El Presidente

The Tacombi guys down in Nolita have brought their easy-going, affordable taco spot to the Flatiron in a space almost double if not triple the size of their first spot. A little juice bar holds up shop at the front entrance and then the main dining room opens up with several tables and also bar seating. Ladies, this is where you need to go to find bros. They are literally guarding this place and it’s so distracting to just do a once over of the dining room because they are everywhere and all together, a lot in two’s actually at the bar. Service is speedy and you can tell these waiters are hustling and care about taking care of you. The tortillas are all made fresh daily and thankfully it’s not a menu of endless options or it would be really hard to decipher. You can order from an array of Tacos del Presidente, a plate of 4 tacos served on corn tortillas, or Tacos Especiales served individually on Vista Hermosa tortillas.

Guacamole and Homemade Chips photo credit 
Anna Malskaya
First off, quesadillas are the number one thing I crave and miss most about Texas. I’ve yet to find any replacements, lets just say soppy bar quesadillas don’t count guys. Crab quesadillas from El Tiempo in Houston can never be replicated. However, the Quesadilla Maiz Azul here made with Chihuahua Cheese, Charred Corn & Roasted Poblano in a Blue Corn Tortilla just about knocked me off my seat. What the heck is this thing? It’s like an inside out quesadilla with the best “salsa” sauce ever. The cheese blend with the soft and crunchy edges of the tortilla with the sweet corn is just impeccable. We should’ve gotten two because it was gone in two bites. You have to get this, especially for those of you who haven’t had a proper quesadilla.

Image 1Quesadilla
Oh but don’t pass up the traditional Guacamole and Chips. These chips are housemade and surely you can tell. You’ll shovel these salty vehicles right in your mouth but do save room for the tacos. I’m not sure if I liked the Shrimp or Lobster taco better, but after each bite of trying to compare I gave up. The Seared Shrimp is layered with a mojo de ajo and habanero sauce on a flour tortilla. The sauce compliments the plump shrimp well and there are just enough if you’re splitting right down the middle. The Lobster taco is sprinkled with mint, corn, avocado and some type of pico de gallo mixture. It’s no joke that Cafe El President kills it in the corn game. They can throw this secret weapon on anything here and it’s gold. I’m happy to say that all of the seafood is fresh, tasty and quality.

Image 5Shrimp Tacos
We also tried the Carne Asada Regua marinated steak tacos which I would pass on. Nothing seriously dangerous about them, but everything else just stood out and had me not wanting to leave the rest of the night. Overall, with a huge, colorful and care free place like this in Manhattan and prices that set you back as low as $3 a taco, you’d be insane not to pop by for some tacos and cervezas with your crew. Cafe El Presidente, you have my blessing.

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