Cafe Clover

I’d like to thank Cafe Clover on behalf of all the West Village eateries in the range of Houston Street and Bleecker Street. This cursed space has finally been blessed with an awesome restaurant that just so happens to serve organic and healthy food that is actually exciting. ¬†The booths feel sleek and sexy but not pretentious while the outdoors are quiet and relaxing. While the Green Market Salads look enticing, I’d go for the Starters and Sides for appetizer options instead because the Kale with Blood Orange didn’t leave a lasting impression. On the other hand, the Octopus a la Plancha has now earned a spot on some of the most tender and life changing octopi I’ve ever had. It’s ideal and the kind that everyone would love because it’s so smooth and tasty. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s prepared with cauliflower and smoked chili. Cauliflower is painted all over this menu as it’s served as a steak in the entree section and also as a side with parsley pesto which is dank.

Side of Cauliflower 

All the healthy buzz words/veggies are on this menu: celery root and rutabaga, beets, kale, crudite, salmon, farm beef striploin, quinoa tagliatelle, lentil risotto, etc. Yes, it all sounds healthy as can be but the presentation, flavors and the setting really sets this apart from casual healthy spots making this probably one of the only trendy feel-good menus I’ve seen at restaurants these days. Ellary’s Greens around the corner is awesome but it’s a level below when it comes to preparations and fanciness so try this if you want something more low key.

For entrees, I vote Halibut with carrots over the Salmon with spaghetti squash. The yellow and fruity flavored sauce painted on the side of the white fish is just the right amount of punch needed for this piece of fish. While it is pricy, it’s a huge portion, meaty and can be shared amongst all of the other small plates and sides. By the way, do not snooze on the burger carefully placed on a sweet potato bun. No, I couldn’t tell it was a sweet potato bun, but the burger is legit and the bun is wholesome, toasty and lovely.

I will admit, I hesitated visiting Cafe Clover because of some negative rumors and reviews I read, but the menu looked too good to pass up. After some readers’ encouragement, I attacked and was pleasantly surprised. I definitely a fan and am going to suggest this place as much as possible for my future dining!