Buvette is here to serve you that European-style French breakfast experience that you can’t get anywhere else in New York except maybe one of Keith McNally’s restaurants- but here there are no tourists or long waits. Jody Williams’ West Village hideout is sweet, made with love and the tables are in close quarters. The stool-like chairs are a bit uncomfortable, but you are distracted by the adorable decor which includes a marble bar and nooks with tables that are fit for parties of 4 at the most. The restaurant is soft and quiet and juxtoposes its New York surroundings. It’s incredible how you immediately feel transformed into a French cafe in Paris.

Now onto the food. The breakfast croissants are legit. Puffy, soft and served with the ideal butter and jam combination you’d expect. The menu is divided up into categories such as: Patisseries (Scones, Croissants),  Sour Le Pouce (Belgian Waffles and Nutella Crepes), Tartines (Walnut Cranberry and Multigrain ) Oeufs aka Eggs either steamed or poached. The eggs are the “it” thing here. Where else can you get eggs where they steam them using an espresso machine? Right…Yes, they are THAT fluffy and the portion is overflowing your plate. Buvette does not skimp you on your morning protein here, and the toast with drizzled olive oil that comes with it makes a perfect match. I loved the smoked salmon steamed eggs, but the best was the sundried tomato with cheese and capers. I mean lets be real, if you’re eating at a French restaurant, you gotta get the cheese!

Buvette is a great breakfast/brunch spot to go alone and sit at the bar with your book and not ever be bothered, or it’s a great place to meet a friend in the morning. Either way you get a heaping plate of eggs and some good carbs to go with it, and I think you’ll be happy you started your day off here- especially with these prices.