Burger & Barrel

Burger & Barrel is Chef Josh Capon’s other Mercer Street gem (Lure Fishbar being the first). It’s just a hop, skip and a jump down the street and executes the same delicious dishes which are more American-comfort and meat heavy. The Bash Style Burger with caramelized onion, bacon jam, pickles and American cheese was the inspiration for the restaurant’s 2010 opening (Capon won the “People’s Choice Award” at the 2009 Burger Bash at Food Network’s New York City Wine & Food Festival). However, I am a big bison burger fan and think the Bison Sliders appetizer is the best on the menu and cooked perfectly: tender and rare. The mini buns are fluffy and fit right in your hand making it the ideal portion or snack and more fun to eat. Burger & Barrel has so much to offer other than burgers, but it’d be outrageous not to try one; so if you want to dig into the tacos or fried chicken make sure to get this app to keep you “burger covered.” I also adore the veggie burger. It’s the softest and moistest (sorry for those of you who are afraid of this word) burger and not seedy or dry like many others out there. The fries are done right- thick-cut, salty and crisp. I can’t say no to a watermelon cocktail especially one with basil, so definitely get the Sandia Splash and think of it as a hydrating solution. At most restaurants I would say no need to save room for dessert when you can go to a nearby bakery, but with the choice of Spiked Milkshakes, Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake and Sundaes galore, you have to give in here.

The great thing about Burger & Barrel besides the food is that it’s a comfortable, cozy space. It’s dark like a typical burger joint, has a good size bar and booths in the back. Good date spot, groups and place to “shoot the s***.” I always feel accomplished after leaving Capon’s restaurants, and I’m extremely excited for his new Mexican venture this fall, El Toro Blanco.