Delaney Barbecue Brisket Town

Looking for a Shiner and some Texas brisket? Go on over to Daniel Delaney’s Brisket Town right on the edge of the Williamsburg Bridge for this fix. The space is tiny without windows, a mini bar offering bar snacks such as a pimento cheese and pickle plate, chili, sausage and even a Deckleback which, get this, is a Shot of Brisket in a shot glass with a Lonestar Beer.  There groups of tables so you can move them together if you have a big group and a BBQ pit at the end of the restaurant that houses all the meats behind a counter with the butcher. While this joint tastes and feels like a BBQ restaurant in the heart of Lockhart, Texas, do not be fooled Delaney is from New Jersey, and luckily, he knows what he is doing. Before his restaurant, he toured the lonestar state tasting different BBQ’s, and then bought his own smoker and sold pounds of meat to New Yorker’s last summer which was guaranteed to always sell out. Currently, he has a smoker located not too far from the Brisket Town location where he prepares the meat and then takes it to his restaurant and outdoor stand on the High Line offering brisket sandwiches.



The menu at the restaurant is pretty straight to the point. You get your Brisket, Beef Ribs or Pork Ribs, choice of sides composed of Texas Caviar and Potato Salad and end with a sweet Bourbon Pecan Pie, Cherry or even Watermelon Pie. You order straight from the butcher where you are then given your food on butcher paper. Then over to the side is a box of potato bread so you can make your own sandwiches and a huge jar filled with sweet pickles and onions that are incredible and a necessary accessory. If you chat it up with the pit master successfully, maybe you’ll be lucky to earn some burnt ends. The burnt ends here are like goddesses. The bark and seasoning is awesome, full of fat and super soft. This is really BBQ y’all.


Make sure to get the moist and fatty brisket pieces for the most flavor. The pork ribs are also pretty good and while they do not fall of the bone completely like Franklin’s BBQ, they are pretty legit. The brisket ranks in pretty close to Mighty Quinn’s BBQ in the East Village (when they are having a good day). Mighty Quinn’s BBQ definitely has better sides and their windows overlooking the neighborhood is a big perk. Brisket Town really ranks close to Hill Country’s moist brisket but does not surpass it. The place is simple and just serving good Texas brisket that is obviously hard to find up here.  No shenanigans, just some brisket, beers and potato bread. The only downfall which can be debated either way is that they have no BBQ sauce. For me that’s one of my favorite parts, but sure without it you can really taste the flavor more. Come here for a brew after work with some friends or for a weekend lunch where they serve brisket tacos because seriously where else can you find those?