BONDST is my go-to sushi spot when entertaining friends in town. It offers fantastic, fresh sushi, a great New York vibe and the best Lychee martinis. The sushi bar is on the first floor and the second floor provides circular tables and booths suitable for bigger groups. The Asian decor is very simple with neutral drapes as you enter and brown mirrors on the walls. All of the rolls are rewarding, and the Red Snapper Tacos are the perfect mix of Asian and Mexican flavors. In addition, The eggplant appetizer is sweet and it almost tastes like dessert. The cod is very similar to Nobu’s famed dish. BONDST is one of the city’s swanky sushi spots that can be very expensive if you order a lot of sushi but can also be very reasonable if you split appetizers and a couple rolls. I always look forward to dining here and trying something new on the mouthwatering menu. By the way,┬ámake sure to stay away from the desserts…not worth it.