Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya at Thompson LES Hotel

When you hear the two words Blue Ribbon, Fried Chicken or Sushi are immediately synonymous thoughts. There is a Blue Ribbon Sushi in the West Village (which usually has a long wait) and one uptown on 58th Street, but not many people know that there is one in the Lower East Side in the Thompson Hotel. This makes it better for the rest of us because there is never a long wait if any at all.  Walk right up the towering flight of stairs which have cute Japanese hanging lanterns and into a wooden encased lair where all of the sushi chefs nod and greet you upon arrival. The big wooden booths and sushi counter paired with string of overhead lights make it feel like a nice evening, casual yet intimate picnic. This is hands down my favorite sushi in New York City. It is the freshest fish I’ve ever had. It legit melts in your mouth and you can’t get enough -unless you go to the weekend all-you-can-eat $30 Sushi Bar & Grand Buffet Brunch which is in fact incredible.



$30 Sushi Bar & Grand Buffet Brunch:

Just imagine platters of assorted sushi rolls, peel and eat cocktail shrimp, smoked fish and mini bagels, muffins and brownies (pass), quinoa salad and cheese/meat boards. In addition, you  basically get your own personal sushi chef since you can ask them to make you whatever maki roll you want (no sashimi). You’ll end up with a table full of tuna avocado, spicy crab, yellowtail jalapeño  etc. Also, if you dare, you can pay an extra $10 to order dishes from the kitchen such as pancakes, challah french toast, steak and egg sandwich, etc. When the rolls are flowing you’ll be surprised how much sushi you can eat especially when it’s this good. What a steal!

 Any who, for the normal people who just want to come in for dinner, the fish is just so out of this world that it’s almost distracting because you just want to scream “yum” at the top of your lungs with each bite. The pieces are just the right size to pop in your mouth and not too big so that you can barely chew. The simple, standard rolls are awesome and the Spicy Crab Roll is also very tasty. The bowls of Fried Rice at all of the Blue Ribbon’s are outrageous. Make sure you order one of these. I like the Oxtail and Bone Marrow for something exciting and different. I was not obsessed with the lox, egg and cream cheese one although it seemed like a brilliant idea. Add in some veggies and go for the Sauteed Chinese Broccoli. It tastes crisp, clean and healthy. There are tons of Yaki Skewers and Meats to play around  and experiment with if you’re wiling to give up sushi space in your stomach. This is the kind of restaurant that makes you feel accomplished and like a winner when you leave. It’s a great location and gem for the Lower East Side.