Blue Ribbon at Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl and the Bromberg Brothers’ Blue Ribbon are nothing new to New York City, but the combination of all the B’s is just magical. Watching live music and concert performances at Brooklyn Bowl is unlike any other venue here. Everyone is young, hip, hipstery, good looking, fun and excited. The dance floor is packed. People are jamming out to the music and smiling ear to ear. It’s like Disney Land for adults. You can reserve bowling lanes and watch/listen to a concert while you bowl; you can order food while you bowl or you can put your name on the waiting list to dine at the restaurant (a few feet away from the stage) and enjoy your grub during  or after the show. The wait can get long when there is a big performance, but you won’t be thinking about it with of all of the entertainment. I love the people watching at Brooklyn Bowl. It makes me want to hang out here every night, and really, I wonder what everyone’s job is because they all look like start-up guys or people starting their own websites- in a good way that is.


Now onto the food. The Fried Chicken White Meat dinner here is probably my favorite in the city. More than Bobwhite and different than Hill Country Chicken’s chicken tenders (which are my favorite choice there). Somehow there is no grease dripping from this crispy bird, and the meat is so tender. It’s coated but you can dig into the skin and  peel if off seamlessly when going in for the kill without it being sticky. I don’t like my fried chicken wet, and I definitely don’t like it dry. I like it just right which is what Blue Ribbon achieves. You get the crunchy skin combined with the tender meat and the combination of the two different textures is perfect. I think they use matzoh meal in their batter. After dancing the night away, this is the only logical and curable answer for your next move. As a dessert obsessor, I was really looking forward to the gigantic Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding topped with ice cream and fudge. I liked it fine but think I’d try something else next time. I think it looks a lot better than what it really tasted like although anyone would be a fool not to enjoy every bite. I was just expecting more, or maybe I was just still on cloud nine from the fried chicken and nothing could compete at the moment.

Get a group together, get a date, buy some show tickets or bowling lanes and you will make a memorable night at Brooklyn Bowl with Blue Ribbon here for sure.