Blue Ginger

Some of the time, or really most of the time in my case, you just need some good sushi and you don’t want to have to pay a fortune for it or wait months to get a reservation for it. I crave sashimi and raw fish for lunch and dinner on the reg and it truly is hard to find a reliable sushi spot with tender tuna or yellowtail that melts in your mouth on the way down. Now obviously you have to give a little if you want something affordable, but Blue Ginger in Chelsea gets me to the necessary level where I can have the fish I need and at a price I’m willing to pay for take out or daytime. You have your typical Maki lunch preset menu with any two rolls for $9.50, three rolls for $12.50 and your choice from several such as: white tuna avocado, eel cucumber, salmon skin, spicy crab, mackerel ginger roll, shrimp mango, tuna jalapeno¬†and several vegetarian options.

Go for the Sashimi Platter which is 17 pieces of great sashimi with salmon, two kinds of tuna, yellowtail and another white fish. At $21 This will fill you up, put a smile on your face and allow some of you to eat sushi way more often without emptying your wallet or sacrificing taste. It’s served with rice as well if you need some starch or you can go for the Sushi Platter clocking in 8 pieces of sushi and one tuna roll for $18 or the Sushi Blue Ginger is my go-to sushi spot when you just need some tuna up in your life.

Inside the restaurant, it is a pretty standard casual sushi spot. It’s always full with people but there are always just enough seats open for you as well as the sushi bar. It’s quick, and I love that they finish off the meal with melon because obviously you need something sweet.