Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi, which originated in the East Village, just opened up a second location in Chelsea Market right behind the lovely Jaques Torres Chocolate Shop. The catch behind this sushi spot is that it’s all vegetarian and vegan. I’ve been on this ridiculous sushi kick where I’ve been eating tuna avocado rolls for lunch everyday, and I finally just hit a tuna wall (enough about the mercury). Somehow, I still craved sushi and Beyond’s vegetarian options came in handy. Their rolls look like artwork, and they fulfill your sushi cravings the exact same way as the fresh fish combinations do. The colorful purple (six grain) and forbidden black rice has the similar seedy texture as brown rice. The Sweet Tree Roll is made with six grain rice, sweet potato and avocado and probably one of the best rolls I’ve ever had. It’s amazing, hits the creamy spot and with the soy sauce adds a salty and sweet bite. I wasn’t obsessed with The Haricat Roll roll made with black rice, carrot, haricot vert and mango (1st pic, left roll and 3rd pic). Don’t really think fruit and sushi should be paired together and the green beans kind of fell out of place. Rice Paper Wraps are also an option with ingredients such as: Buckwheat Noodles, Cashews, Carrots, Jalapeño Peanut Butter, Avocado, Tofu, etc.IMG_5536Seaweed Individual Piece 

Their lunch deal is pretty incredible and good for sharing. For Combo 2, you can order two rolls and two pieces of  individual sushi for $13.50. The seaweed individual sushi roll is packed to the brim and very fresh. Other options include a piece of carrot, snow pea, mango, baked tofu and enoki.  I love this place, and I love the photography of each piece on the walls. It’s so unique and creative and really spices up a new meal for you. They also create “piece of the month” to add in some differentiation. Sometimes when you want something healthy and you can’t down  another juice, this vegetarian sushi is your answer. Load up on these veggies and you’ll feel accomplished.

They also sell desserts such as: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Brownie, Black Rice Pudding, Black Sesame Avocado Coconut Cookie and Vanilla Chia Seed pudding.