Best Restaurants in SoHo/NoHo/Nolita Area

Whether you live in the neighborhood, have a shopping problem in SoHo, or are looking for the new trendy restaurants, the downtown area that encompasses NoHo (north of Houston), Nolita (north of Little Italy), and SoHo (south of Houston) own a big piece of the dining scene here. Here is a list of my favorite places for each occasion:

  1. Old School Italian: Emilio’s Ballato– Make sure to ask to sit in the back room. This way they know you’re in the “in crowd” and you get a more private area away from the door. Go for the off the menu meatballs.
  2. Hidden Restaurant: Bohemian– When you have to find a secret number to make a reservation at a restaurant and you also have to walk through a butcher’s shop to find it, you know this spot has to be rewarding. I never thought I’d find a restaurant that serves amazing macaroni and cheese and sashimi on the same menu. Perks!IMG_4902
  3. Brunch: Hundred Acres– Breakfast biscuits, egg dishes, pancakes, and a back room with a skylight. You can also always get reservations here even though waits are long on weekends, just plan ahead!
  4. Best Egg Dish: Sadelle’s– The LEO (lox, eggs, onion) at Sadelle’s is unlike any other LEO you’ve seen in this city. It’s a perfectly shaped round frittata with layers of thinly cut lox covering the top in case you were one of those who needs a massive amount of salmon.
  5. Best Overall Restaurant: Saxon + Parole – The sweet and spicy brussel sprouts, bar carts, whole fish, and s’mores in a jar get me.
  6. Best Steak: Bowery Meat Company –Don’t forget to order the off the menu Bread Pudding. It’s unreal!
  7. Shared Plates: Estela– This made it on Bon Appetit’s Hot 10 List for Best New Restaurants in 2014, and it seemed to catch Obama’s eye, too. I prefer to sit at the bar which in fact, used to be a favorite bar-only spot of mine (Nolita House) where we used to dance on the tables. Who knew! Everything is delicious here, so you can’t go wrong.IMG_1061
  8. Tacos: Tacombi– I love their breakfast tacos and also the ceviche. Those homemade chips are thick, salty, and crunchy. This is a super easy spot for last minute dining and groups. No worries on attire.
  9. Australian Food: Ruby’s– Known for it’s kind, Australian culture and staff, the burger is one of the best in town with that sweet chili sauce, and the salads are marvelous.
  10. Vegetarian: The Butcher’s Daughter – Vegetarian or vegan diets? They’ve got you here. Kale Salad, Spaghetti Squash “pasta,” outdoor seating, etc.Processed with Snapseed.
  11. Swanky: ACME– You feel enriched just walking into this sexy dining room. The plush booths, perfectly placed picture frames, and satisfying menu is the perfect spot for a long night of tasty food and good laughs. The lounge downstairs called Acme Downstairs plays some of the best music in the city.
  12. Seafood: Lure Fish Bar– It’s hard to believe after the first time I tried this restaurant, we loved it so much we came back a second night in a row. Seafood lovers and top music playlist combine to make this boat vibe restaurant a success.
  13. Easy Reservations: Vic’s– This restaurant comes from the Cookshop, Rosie’s Hundred Acres family, and serves every dish you could possibly crave on a Friday night. From pizza, pasta, lamb, burrata, and several great vegetable starters, this is the kind of spot to have in your back pocket at all times.
  14. Celebrity Chef: Gato– Chef Bobby Flay came back to the restaurant scene about two years ago with his downtown spot Gato. It’s lively, upbeat, and a fun scene.
  15. Cuban: Café Habana – You’ve seen the blue outside walls of this restaurant in all the movies. It’s small, known for it’s corn on the cob which you can take out next door, and also has a killer brunch menu.
  16. Under the Radar: Emporio – The skylight in the back dining room does it for me. The pizzas and scallops are my favorite orders here. I could stay here forever.Processed with Snapseed.
  17. Pizza: Rubirosa– The vodka pie might be the most talked about pizza here, but I love the meatball pizza.
  18. Need Advance Reservations: Pasquale Jones– Another great restaurant that was just added to the neighborhood this year by the Charlie Bird crew. Stick to the pizzas and skip the pastas only because they are just more fun and unique. The appetizers are healthy, veggie friendly, and give you that nutrients you need before pizza night. Make sure to get a reservation several weeks in advance and ask to sit at the bar if you have two people so you can watch the chefs in action.
  19. Big Groups: Uncle Boons– This is one of my top five favorite restaurants in New York City. It taught me to love golden curry, showed me one of the best short ribs out there. It’s fun for birthdays, bachelorettes, or big groups due to it’s family style pre-fix style options.
  20. Casual Thai: Lovely Day– Who knew this place would offer Thai cuisine. It’s hipster and has great pad thai and ahi tuna specials.
  21. Little Italy: Da Nico– Since you’re out of town friends still seem to think Little Italy is the only place for good Italian food in New York City, at least you’ll have an answer when you can’t convince them to try something new. The food is really good, and the back patio looks like a giant backyard in the suburbs.
  22. FastCasual: Korilla BBQ – Need an Asian burrito ASAP? Here you go.
  23. Late Night Date Bar: Mother’s Ruin – I have so many memories at this bar. There is no impressive design or one of a kind drink that you must have, but it just has that neighborhood bar charm. It’s much better on a weeknight, too.
  24. Impressive Date Bar: Sel Rose – Beautiful mirrors, tables, oysters, wines.
  25. Food for Pick Eaters: Spring Natural – For the people you dread eating out with because they don’t like to share with you or because they only eat lettuce or hamburgers, this place will satisfied the food lover and the food fearer. It has something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed if you can’t share and order the whole menu with a buddy.
  26. Turkey Sandwich: The Dutch – This sandwich is only available at brunch and it has an amazing avocado mixture that puts it at the top of my list.