The Best Restaurants and Food to Eat in Seattle

Seattle sure has a lot to offer when it comes to dining out: Oysters, Salmon, Clams, Craft Beer, Coffee, Ice Cream. See a list of the best things I ate below and where you can get them! The great thing about this city is you don’t really need reservations, but if you want them, there is no hassle in making them a week before your trip!

  1. Shiro’s Sushi– This is number one on my list for a reason. Shiro worked at the famous Japanese restaurant that Netflix documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi was filmed. While he is no longer at this restaurant today (he’s now at his new spot Sushi Kashiba), it’s still the best fatty tuna I’ve ever had in my life. Yes, you read right, IN MY LIFE. Sure sushi has melted in my mouth before, but this was different. So different and delicious that after sharing an entire Sushi Assortment Plate with 10 pieces and 1 roll with miso soup ($35) and an entire Sashimi Assortment with 13 pieces ($29.50), I ordered several more pieces of Medium Fatty Tuna. Pieces include: Blue Fin Tuna, Fatty Tuna, Toro, Wild Yellowtail, Barracuda, Salmon, Marinated Tuna, Flounder, Snapper, Giant Clam, Sweet Shrimp. Another good move here is to go omakase as it’s only $65 or you can upgrade to $75 for the sushi omakase. Everyone works super hard here, and you won’t be disappointed.IMG_3638 FullSizeRender 5
  2. Hello Robin Cookies– This is the best chocolate chip cookie I found in Seattle, and the ideal everyday cookie. It’s warm without even being heated up as the chocolate chips are so perfectly cooked that they melt in your mouth. I also loved the Whole Wheat with Fancy Chocolate and Sea Salt. It’s a bit denser and that salt is like magic fairy dust. For the s’more lover, go for the Mackles’more which is exactly what it sounds like. A cookie with chocolate and a marshmallow center baked onto a graham cracker. To really crank it up a notch, and I highly advise that you do, order an ice cream cookie sandwich. Pick two cookies and an ice cream flavor from none other than the best local Molly Moon’s Ice Cream!IMG_3676
  3. Molly Moon’s Ice Cream– Speaking of Molly Moon’s you should be able to find a shop at some point since they have four in the city. My favorite is the Salted Caramel. It’s pretty rich and creamy. I enjoyed it so much, I even bought their cute Salted Caramel sweatshirt. Just kidding, I was going to buy this no matter what. The Melted Chocolate flavor and Scout which is mint with girl scout thin mint cookies are also both winners.IMG_3350 2 FullSizeRender 20
  4. Bookstore Bar + Café For breakfast, go for the Walnut Crumb Granola with Spray Paint Gold, almonds, hazelnuts, raisins on a bed of homemade salted yogurt. I also like the Egg White Scramble topped with an avocado puree.
  5. City Fish Company– Located in Pike Place Market, this purveyor of fresh seafood was established in 1917 and is where all the locals buy their fish included apparently Bill Gates. They have amazing smoked salmon on a stick, and one of my favorite things I had the entire trip was the $15 crab cocktail in a cup atop cocktail sauce. I could eat this everyday! You can order online and they deliver FedEx overnight and also sell: Halibut, Cod, Petrale Sole, Trout, Tuna, Octopus, Triple Smoked Salmon Jerky, Traditional Alder Wood Smoked Salmon, Oysters, Clams, Scallops.IMG_3435 2 IMG_3454
  6. Whale Wins– Chef/Owner Renee Erikson is a big deal in Seattle. If you’re not going to Whale Wins chances are you are at least going to The Walrus and the Carpenter for oysters and happy hour. Anyway, I love the open air, high ceilings, and the fun lit block letters above that spell out H-E-L-L-O. I love that the menu is super vegetable focused on the small plates, and it rounds out with some of the best entrees we had all trip. Definitely go for the Salt Roast Chicken with green tomato relish that I would love the recipe for, leeks, and cauliflower as well as the Hama Hama Clams with coconut curry, carrot, potato, savoy spinach that is super light.
  7. Lowell’s at Pike Place Market– While you are supposed to eat at Pike Place Chowder, the Clam Chowder here with water views in a bread bowl does a body good. It’s a mix of creamy and wateriness so that it’s not TOO heavy and as you scrape the bottom of the bread out with bites of the soup, it’s a pretty awesome moment. Their crab grilled cheese also looks dank, and I’m mad we didn’t get it.
  8. Stateside– This Vietnamese restaurant looks like it could be in a design magazine. The wall paper is large green plants and the string of lights over the bar make me want to redesign my apartment. The pumpkin curry with coconut yogurt is one for the books. Order a side of rice and use that grain to soak up that awesome sauce!
  9. Hot Cakes – After Stateside, walk up your appetite and head to Hot Cakes for their famous molten cakes. If you’re not a chocolate fan which I don’t believe you if you say this, then go for the bread pudding bowl. The Decadence Molten Cake is a personal sized chocolate cake whose interior is just spilling with hot lava chocolate. Their soft serve vanilla ice cream from Bluebird is covered with chocolate, caramel sauce, and toffee, and I wish I got two of these scoops because this could easily be the main attraction.FullSizeRender 2
  10. Scout– Now, I already mentioned this monster sized Cinnamon Bun in the What To Do in Seattle portion of my article here, but you should also go in for desserts if you have free time. Pastry Chef Kate Sigel who ironically is married to Chef Eric Rivera at the Alexis, helms this kitchen. Boy, does she get me! The three composed desserts on the menu all have a lot going on and burst with fall flavor. The Harvest Moon ginger cake is filled with caramel, spiced butternut squash and popcorn sherbet. My other favorite is the Apple of My Eye which is a brandy poached apple hovering over apple cake also floating atop spiced caramel and brown butter ice cream. If you don’t have time to go in for a late dessert (the restaurant closes at 10 p.m.), then do what any normal dessert lover would do- order dessert room service! Her trio of peanut butter, chocolate chip, and sugar cookies come to you WARM with cereal milk.
  11. Trove– This trio of a restaurant offers three different situations: a noodle bar, parfait ice cream situation served out of an indoor truck, and the Korean BBQ option that is only open for dinner. The Noodle Bar is counter service and you can sit and watch the one manned chef make everything during lunch. It’s like a magic show! The Kimchi Pork Dumplings with caraway chili oil are fat, plump, and doughy as can be. You can tell they really slaved over these handmade pillows with each bite of that dough. The Rice Cakes with Lamb are the most popular, but we also really liked the Szechuan Noodle with Roasted Chicken, Tahini, Sauerkraut, and Apple. IMG_3707
  12. Little Uncle– Also located in the Capitol Hill area, this counter service Thai restaurant was just named one of the top 50 restaurants of the year by Bon Appetit’s Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer. I always trust this list and just had the best lamb barbacoa tacos in Philly due to their suggestion. Get the Khao Soi or Pad Thai. It’s cool that they offer ½ pad thai with noodles and ½ noodleless in the same bowl. What this gets you is more juicy and flavorful tofu and more room for Hello Robbin ice cream cookie sandwich after. Beware they are closed Monday.IMG_3758
  13. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese– If you love cheese, you’ll love the smells in here and the fact that no matter what you order, you get cheese! You’ll have a front row seat of the cheese being made and can nosh on some of their mac ‘n cheese while you wait for your grilled cheese. This is also located in Pike Place Market and for you New Yorker’s you’re lucky enough to have your own location in Flatiron.
  14. Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt– Never thought I’d say this or ever need to say this but for the best Greek Yogurt of your life, try Ellenos in Pike Place Market. It makes all those other yogurt companies taste phony. This is the real deal! You can order all kinds of flavors but the berry with a pie like crumble topping called Marionberry is just ridiculous.
  15. Lola – Thomas Douglas is also another restaurateur people talk about in this city. His Greek spot Lola is an easy lunch spot and not too far from shopping. The pita’s are thick and a little greasy, but in the good way. Get the Kopanisti dip with blue cheese, feta, and balsamic aka mavrodaphne. You’re welcome. We also loved the Haloumi Skewer with Figs. Great little sweet and salty treat.