Best Patios to Drink at in Austin

Now that I’ve shared my favorite places to eat outside, it only seems fitting to share the second most important list for springtime—my favorite places in Austin to drink outside.

I love an Austin day spent patio-hopping and margarita tasting. No matter which part of town you’re in, there’s always groups spilling out of the bar patios, or migrating to their next location, and the city feels a special kind of alive, plus day drinking really only seems acceptable when done outside on a sunny weekend.

For the pint of beer crowd, sotol sippers, and the cocktailers, there’s a patio for you somewhere in this city, and I’ve made your weekend plan-making a little bit easier.


St. Elmo Brewery 

While I’m not a beer lover, I enjoy visiting this brewery with craft beer because it’s unassuming and there is usually always a spot to squeeze into. Plus, they now have a Spicy Boys Fried Chicken Food Truck, and we all know food is my first priority. You can spend all afternoon perched at a picnic table here, playing games with friends, or visiting other drinking spots in the St. Elmo parking lot like Austin Winery or Still Austin.


Still Austin 

Enjoy this local distillery’s bourbon, whiskey, and gin. And, most importantly, they have great live shows.


The Little Darlin’ 

The Little Darlin’ is a safe haven for good music, low key scene, cold beer, and a regular/expected backyard burger and fries in South Austin. Take a seat and stay awhile in this huge area—full of picnic tables, swings, and lounge chairs. It’s close to another favorite music club of mine, Sagebrush, if you like to hop around.


Jester King

Definitely a Texas farm feel with several bars serving good pizza and beer. Lots of picnic tables and umbrellas that make for a fun afternoon adventure. Beware, the lines for ordering on the weekends are LONG, so I’d pre order on the app in advance or check out the wait before you think you’re the only one going there. They also have some trails to walk around while you wait.



I love Lolo’s outdoor disco ball and simple picnic table set-up. They always have parties and events going on like pop-up markets, oysters, and special collaborations, but the easy going natural wine selection is enough to bring me back.



Another no-frills patio that might seem like all the others on this street, but I really like the weekend DJ and rough interiors. Stop by if you’re out and about on the east side and looking for live music, a beer, a photo booth, and picnic table set-up.


Central Machine Works

This place is always packed (but not annoying), and you’ll always run intro friends or someone’s kid here. If you’re not into beer like me, try the blackberry smash for something springy and refreshing and always Ranch Rider Spirits. They have a big stage and plenty of outdoor patio seating and lawn games. 


Moontower Saloon

Hang out on Moontower Saloon’s 11 acre property studded with shady oak trees and cozy fire pits. It’s your typical old-school dive bar but it feels just so authentic and “old” Austin to me. I love the huge yard and crowd that feels like Texas, plus the stage feels a little more intimate and open. They have live music multiple nights a week and a mouthwatering brisket quesadilla at their resident food truck, plus cold beer to take down the summer heat. No they do not have any fancy drinks or seltzers, so don’t even bother asking.



An eclectic vibe that’s mostly all outdoors, so plenty of seating, and all sorts of beverages for all your friends to be happy, from kombucha to beer to cocktails to coffee. I prefer it during the late afternoon, but you could stay late into the night for a relaxed evening. 



Easy Tiger East

This one feels nicer than all the other Easy Tigers. It’s also spacious with plenty of picnic tables, spots with umbrellas, and ping pong, so you can usually find a table pretty easily. It’s a good place for a low-key date, too, and always get the pretzel.


Koko’s Bavarian

Koko’s Bavarian is a biergarten and restaurant serving traditional German fare with Texas smoked meats, beers, six brewed in house, and a full bar. It’s named after Koko, the Bavarian prince who is my age, and quite kind! His family founded Oktoberfest so some of his Austin buddies who went to visit him during it decided to open a place with him here. It’s legit! The beautiful picnic tables, string lights, rotisserie chicken and sausages from Tim Love, beer flights, and the red velvet ice cream sandwich are stand outs.


Far Out Lounge 

The Far Out Lounge is a South Austin staple—let’s be real, all the best music venues with dedicated locals are down South and stay true to the city’s original vibe. There’s a GIGANTIC yard with an outdoor stage, food trucks, and live music multiple nights a week that makes you feel like you’re at a Texas ranch or mini music festival in the best way. It feels low key enough for a weeknight hang and historic enough to make you come back for more.



Everyone here is on a date. If you aren’t, still opt to end the night at the aptly named Nightcap and chow down on a carnitas grilled cheese or cheese platter. Although, skip the espresso martini here it’s a bit too creamy for my taste.



Holdout Brewing

Better Half’s, Better Half, Holdout Brewing is just as good of a vibe and tucked a little further away. It’s a covered spot with wooden picnic tables, and you order inside which also has some seating and is a bit darker. If the line is too long at Better Half, the food here looks just as good and is a strikingly similar menu. The large salads and burgers are what everyone wants anyway. The central location with abundant parking can’t be beat, and you can always hop between the two spots if you need a mood change. 


Desert Door

If you haven’t taken the drive to Driftwood to visit the Desert Door Distillery, then I’ve just made weekend plans for you. They’ve created a relaxing, laid back, and dog-friendly atmosphere where you can try their handcrafted Sotol on its own, or in a creative cocktail. Plus, just ask and they give tours of the distillery and are really great about educating you on what Sotol actually is.


Hotel San José

Hotel San José’s courtyard is a hidden oasis and one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of South Congress. I’d recommend this for a date in the early evening or to meet someone for the first time. The infamous frosé is sweet and refreshing, and their michelada is a classic if you enjoy drinks on the savory side.


Yellow Jacket Social Club

Right behind Tamale House, this is where local chefs and industry people come on the weekends and Sundays, so it’s a fun spot if you’re looking to hang with those in the hospitality industry. When it’s really hot, it’s your go-to for a shaded, hidden backyard.


Domo Alley-Gato Tatsu-Ya

You might have missed it, but beloved Ramen Tatsu-Ya has an East Austin patio bar focusing on highballs, sake, and even a frozen beer drink. The patio is decked out in paper lanterns, covered wooden booths, and feels chill, cozy, and kind of romantic. It’s a hidden treasure once you pass the large cats in the front. Also, make sure to walk upstairs to the mini rooftop. I didn’t know it was there until probably my 4th visit.



This Spanish-inspired spot has the best patio filled with lush plants and a terrace. It’s an escape from downtown and a great choice for food and wine. Start the evening the Spanish way with pintxos, the pan con tomate, and move to their creative cocktails like the namesake Kalimotxo which is Spanish red wine and coke frozen or a Mangonada with mezcal.



P6 at The Line

I think P6 at The Line Hotel is a great option for taking your out-of-town friends to see the city from a different vantage point. It’s a pretty girly atmosphere, but guys can’t complain when there’s great views and cocktails to be had. Their Happy Hour Monday – Friday 4 – 6 PM includes $5 beers, wines under $10, and a few snacks. They also have Sunday Bottle Night for $20 off wine by the bottle.



Abels on the Lake

Average food, great views, and really strong drinks. Home of the infamous ‘Texas Tea,’ which has a limit of 2 per person. Eat their chicken sandwich or quesadilla before you hop on a boat, or for stunning sunset views on the lake. It’s good for big groups looking for a good time, but be prepared to run into UT’s finest.