Best Lunch in Flatiron and Chelsea

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked in the Chelsea/Flatiron area for six years now, and I’ve recently diagnosed myself with anxious lunchtime syndrome. I’ve been eating at the same few places for years, and honestly you couldn’t pay me to eat at Just Salad ever again. The good news is that several new hot spots have opened around this vicinity saving all of our stomach’s and anxiety. Since I’ve run out of ideas lately, I figured you have to. I’d love to hear any of your ideas missing from this list as well. And now, the best lunches “al desko” in the Flatiron/Chelsea area.


1. Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop– For when you want a tuna salad sandwich or matzo ball soup and something that is NYC authentic

2. The Little Beet– For when you want a civilized protein, grain, veg combo. I like the salmon, green beans, and sweet potato combo best


3. Tres Carnes– For when you want something better than Chipotle and even a smoky kick

4. Mulberry & Vine – Similar to The Little Beet but with more options. For when you want to keep that health kick in check. Choose three vegetables or one protein (love the grilled chicken) and two vegetables.

5. Num Pang– For the bahn mi lovers and Asian flavored salads.

6. Cosme- For the leisure luncher. This hot spot is easy to get into during lunch, and you get the same amazing Mexican flavors at a cheaper price.


1. Legend Chinese – For when you’re craving Chinese food and want a steal. A $7 lunch special for chicken and broccoli, with rice and the best egg drop soup in the city. For those of you who think you’ll hit a coma after Chinese food, just ask for the sauce on the side and at it at your own will – this really helps.

2. Village Yogurt For the vegetarian that loves a good dumpling and vegan/gluten free sweets.

3. Hu Kitchen – Closer to Union Square, those who work in Chelsea can still make it in probably a 20 minute round-trip walk. This grain free Mecca has amazing meat and vegetarian options. The Rotisserie Chicken and Coconut Cauliflower is a gem and if you’re going vegetarian only, don’t you dare miss those sweet potatoes behind the glass case. I eat them 3 days a week minimum. The grain free muffins aren’t too shabby either.

4. Union Fare– For when you can’t decide what you want and need to post up in front of pizza, tacos, poke, salads, and burgers to choose. This gastrohall has it all and everything is made to order. I’m a fan of the poke and the bakery.


5. Blue Ginger For the sashimi and sushi combo deal under $15 bucks. Treat yourself to an extra walk to 8th avenue or go ahead and order your Seamless.

6. Grey Dog Sure it’s expensive for what you’re getting, but their homemade bread on those thick sandwiches is worth it. They also have way better salads than any chains.