Best Late Night Eats in NYC

Thanks to our friend @EATINGNYC, here is a list of top 10 late night eats to indulge in after a night of heavy drinking or maybe a night of eat hopping.

If you’re a twenty-something living in NYC, you understand the importance of late night food. And, if you happen to be a foodie like me, you also understand that it is absolutely unacceptable to get a BEC from your local deli and consider it a decent meal. Fine, maybe I’m making too much of a production out of a drunken 2AM food binge, but if you’re going to consume the calories they might as well be worth it (and Instagram worthy). Now that you’ve all been convinced, here are my top 10 favorite places to indulge in some serious late night munchies.

  1. Joe’s Pizza: Cheap, simple and delicious. An overall great slice, even better when you have a few drinks in you.
  1. Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant: This place has been around since the 70’s and, regretfully, I sometimes forget it exists. But, if you’ve been living in NYC for more than six months and haven’t tried one of their Shawarmas, you’re really missing out.
  1. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken: Conveniently located on the Bowery, right near a lot of those terrible, fratty bars that you’re embarrassed to admit you still go to. But that’s beside the point. I’d recommend going for the Kerry’s Classic. Bacon Cheese Fries are also a must.
  1. Corner Bistro: The best burger you can get downtown past 12AM. Good thing they’re open till 4 in the morning.
  1. Sushi Seki: I could eat sushi at any hour of the day. I get excited just thinking about the fact I can get some of the best sushi in the city after midnight—just one of the many reasons why NYC is the best place on earth.


  1. Katz’s Delicatessen: No explanation necessary. I like doing the half soup half sandwich…and an order of fries.
  1. Egg Shop: If you can’t make it in here for brunch, you may have a better chance at 12AM. Order an egg sandwich if you must, but do yourselves a favor and get the fried chicken, too.
  1. Artichoke Pizza: For when you’re really, really drunk. A slice of Artichoke will soak it all up, even though you might regret consuming those 2,500 calories in the morning.
  1. Empellon Al Pastor: Arguably NYC’s best tacos, now available until 2AM. Do it.
  1. J. G. Melon: If you’re on the UES (at any hour) you must go here and eat a burger. Since J.G.’s is open until 3:30AM and since I grew up in this hood, I ended many weekend (and weekday) nights here. To this day, I have not found a burger I enjoy more.