Best French Toast in New York City



New York City has some of the best French Toast you can find due to all of its homemade brioche and challah breads that are either made in house or delivered from local bakeries like Balthazaar. The thicker the toast, the better off this sweet brunch dish will be. Many restaurants are crafting theirs so that it almost tastes like a dessert whether it be topped with ice cream or filled with peanut butter and jelly.  My top 10 favorites in NYC include:

  1. Jane’s Creme Brulee French Toast – My favorite on the planet. The bread is so large and thick that it’s almost falling off the plate. It doesn’t look cooked because it’s so creamy due the “creme brulee” component, and it’s so addicting.  It’s perfect. (1st pic)
  2. Blue Ribbon Bakery– This one is pretty simple and good. Nothing fancy but a great selection of berries and powdered sugar
  3. The Smith– Very similar to the thickness at Jane minus the creamy texture. Standard and fluffy.
  4. Clinton Street Bakery- I actually think their French Toast is better than their renown pancakes and the carmalized bananas that come on top are winners
  5. Cafe Orlin– Tastes homemade and not too overwhelming
  6. Mercadito- Tastes like dessert with a Cajeta and Apple topping. It’s very flat and soft and addicting (2nd pic)
  7. Cafe Cluny– While it looks like just traditional toast, it still gets the job done
  8. Union Square Cafe– One of the smaller portions in the city but the Apple Compote really makes up for it
  9. Egg– Made on Amy’s Bread so very simple and fluffy
  10. Maharlika– A Filipino take on the special dish stuffed with mango and other fruits

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