Best Dishes of 2015 in New York City

This is pretty short and sweet. The best 10 dishes I ate this year from new restaurants are as follows:

  1. Dimes Rotisserie Chicken – They moved locations to a bigger space which feels better for dinner time should you miss their acai bowls for brunch. That crunchy rotisserie chicken beats anyone’s game.
  2. Sadelle’s LEO Omelette – Enough about the sticky bun. Have you tried the overly generous portion of lox atop the omelette? Skip that tower and go for this little guy and hey, you can add a bagel to your order and there you have it, a king’s breakfast. IMG_9031
  3. Mission Chinese Brisket – Mission Chinese reopened at the beginning of the year in a nicer space in the Lower East Side and their bread service and tender brisket had me thinking I was back home at a Texas BBQ restaurant.
  4. Mexicue Mac ‘n Cheese – Mac ‘n Cheese might sound simple and overdone, but I know you are always craving it. Mexicue’s spicy green chili mac changes the world.
  5. Vic’s Lamb Belly – Vic’s was my most pleasant surprise restaurant of the year. It had me going back multiple times. Their vegetables, pizza, and pasta truly do it up but that tender lamb belly appetizer melts in your mouth. For all you lamb haters who are sick of that chewy preparation, this will make you “baaah”
  6. Emily Colony Pizza – Any pizza with honey and an amazing thin crust has got it.
  7. Timna’s Freekeh with Roasted Vegetables – Timna might be the most overlooked restaurant of 2015. Each dish uses such special ingredients and they serve creative dishes you don’t see everywhere. These roasted vegetables with freekeh made us freak.
  8. Virginia’s Gnocchi – If ever you try to think of your favorite gnocchi in the city again, it’s easy: Virginia’s will have you drop to your knees.
  9. Bowery Meat Company Duck Lasagna– While this did open at the end of 2014, it is my wildcard this year and close enough to 2015, that I have to call out the Duck Lasagna for two which really feeds 6. It’s cheesy, warm, and a dish I never stop thinking about.
  10. Via Carota Sea Bream – While this Italian haven makes just as many appetizers and vegetables as delicious pasta, it’s the Sea Bream that was cooked so perfectly that I’ll come back for.