Best Desserts and Sweets in New York City

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you might not know that I have a cookie, ice cream, chocolate, and anything sweet addiction. It’s something I’m proud of because I don’t know many people that can put away an entire toffee pudding cake AND and an ice cream sundae in one sitting- I’m looking at you Quality Eats. To those of you who always find your “extra stomach” for dessert, I’ve created a list of my favorite desserts all throughout the city.

  1. The Donut Pub’s Croissant Donut in Chelsea is my absolute favorite. Just a glaze
  2. Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s Trifle Pumpkin Pudding and Cake in a Cup. The cake in a cup is a brilliant idea because you can choose your icing to cake ratio in every bite versus a cupcake situation.
  3. City Cakes and Dominique Ansel Kitchen’s Chocolate Chip Cookie– This is a tie for my favorite chocolate chip cookie in the city.IMG_2110
  4. Quality Eats Sticky Toffee Pudding Make sure you pour on that extra toffee sauce so it can soak into the cake for some extra moistness. (The ice cream sundaes are great, too!)
  5. Restaurant Marc Forgione’s S’mores – This is more of a dense chocolate cake/brownie situation with a puddle of fudge and marshmallow ice cream
  6. Bubby’s x Ample Hills Pie Sundae – Choosing your pie and choose two flavors of ice cream plus toppings is a sin. Go for the peanut butter pie with chocolate bottom and my favorite flavors: Munchies which is a pretzel infused ice cream and the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake flavor.

    Processed with Snapseed.
    Processed with Snapseed.
  7. Catch’s HIT ME CAKE- A tower of layered Liquid klondike, Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream Brownie and Devil’s Food Cake. When you get to play with your food, it tastes better. (you hit the top of this dessert with a spoon to crack the klondike to create a drizzle) IMG_3071 IMG_3073
  8. Russ + Daughter’s Chocolate Babka Loaf – They layers of gooey, melted chocolate bread could kill someone out of happiness.
  9. Cool Mess Ice Cream– Make your own ice cream. That’s all you need to know.
  10. Ice & Vice Detention Ice Cream– Malted Vanilla, Mexican Chocolate Brownie, Fruity Pebble Dust
  11. Cookie Do – Finally, you can eat a whole container of cookie dough and not live in fear of getting sick. Flavors range from a sweet and salty classic to peanut butter, trail mix, and fun seasonal flavors.
  12. Union Fare’s Birthday Cake Croissant – Not too sweet, made with with rainbow sprinkle butter and stuffed with a filling. It’s flakey, doughy, and fun.
  13. Chikalicoius Soft Serve Vanilla Bean in a churro coneIMG_8947
  14. The Standard’s Deal Closer– A bowl full of chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate shavings and you eat it with a spatula
  15. Rocco’s Snicker’s Pie
  16. Momofuku Milk Bar’s Candy Bar Pie and Birthday Cake Truffles
  17. Insomnia Cookies Brownie – While this is a cookie company, I like their thick cut square brownie with chocolate chips the best
  18. Molly’s Cupcake Peanut Butter Cookie
  19. Ovenly Salted Caramel Brownie
  20. Mini Melanie’s Funfetti Cake– Less sweet and still delicateIMG_9596
  21. Blank Slate Cafe’s Cake Batter Dip created by yours truly!
  22. Buvette’s Chocolate Mousse– Dense AF
  23. 10 Below Cookies ‘n Cream Ice Cream– Watch your ice cream be rolled up
  24. Sugar Factory’s King Kong Sundae– 24 ice cream scoops, banana split style with cones, cookies, brownies, gummy candy, chocolate syrup, and sprinklesIMG_7563
  25. Senza Gluten’s Chocolate Chip Banana Muffin – Crazy that it’s gluten free, too.
  26. Oddfellow’s Ice Cream Sandwich – You can make your own!
  27. Magnolia Bakery’s Chocolate Banana Pudding- Yes, I like it better than the original.
  28. Pig & Khao’s Halo Halo- Shaved Ice, Leche Flan, Ube Ice Cream, Macapuno, Pinipig. I don’t know what half of this stuff is but the ice cream mixed with the milk like concoction and rice krispies is unreal.
  29. L’Artusi’s Hazelnut Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel
  30. Sprinkles Ice Cream Cupcake Sandwich – Choose a cupcake top and fill it with a scoop of ice cream. I love their peanut butter ice cream.
  31. Bodega Negra’s  Don Huevo. Imagine a white chocolate ball hiding a molten cake inside. Once hot caramel sauce is poured on top, the while chocolate shell opens up and reveals cake.
  32. Siggy’s Raspberry Bar – Available at the register. It tastes sweet like a fruit pie and has a great granola like flavor as well.
  33. Meatball Shop’s Ice Cream Sandwich – Go for the snickerdoodle cookies and brown sugar ice cream
  34. Jars by Dani- A colorful dessert jar filled with chocolate pudding, mousse, brownie, cake pieces, sprinkles. Dreams do come true. I like the chocolate ones the best! They are great cold or warm.IMG_1486
  35. Bowery Meat Company’s Bread Pudding – It’s off the menu so don’t be scared when you don’t see it. This massive dessert comes in a baking dish right out of the oven.
  36. Hill Country’s Apple Crisp – This tastes just like Texas. Seriously, though, why is Apple Crisp so hard to find in New York?
  37. Lafayette’s Banana Coconut Croissant
  38. Sugar and Plumm’s Earthquake in a Fishbowl– Make sure you bring friends to share this with you because the one time I ate this alone, it sure took a while to recover: Key Lime Pie Pudding, Blackout Cake, Cheesecake, Butterscotch Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Salted Caramel Ice Cream.
  39. Snowdays  –  Shaved cream is a fun alternative to ice cream or frozen yogurt.
  40. Charlie Bird’s Warm Chocolate Budino – Olive oil gelato and caramelized rice krispies keep you on your toes.