Best Dessert Delivery in NYC

Are you the one in the office that has to plan the birthday celebrations each month? Or are you the sweet boyfriend that sends your girlfriend delicious treats at work to try to make all of her co-workers jealous? OH, I know! You’re the out of town friend who always texts me to ask what to send someone in New York on their birthday or where to order the best cookies. Well, I have a list for you, so you never have to frantically troll the world wide web for baked good deliveries again. See below for my top picks of what desserts to send your loved ones at work or at home on their special day. Let’s be honest though, who needs an excuse to order dessert! Most of these use UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, Caviar for delivery local and ship nationwide!

  1. Sweet Corner Bakeshop– There’s nothing better than giant sweet and salty chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. The red velvet cookie globs are also a fun side kick to throw in. (Photo above).
  2. Cookie Do– I don’t think I need to explain any further what edible cookie dough is. Eat this with a spoon standing in your kitchen, and you’ll be high on happiness. My favorite is Salty & Sweet and Trail Mix. Ships nationwide.PastedGraphic-2
  3. Levain Bakery – Classic New York one pound cookies. My favorite is the chocolate chip walnut and chocolate peanut butter. They ship these nationally.
  4. Insomina Cookies– While they might be known for their made to order freshly baked cookies, I prefer the chocolate chip brownie and their cake batter ice cream. Add in a carton of milk for an extra surprise. They ship directly through their website.
  5. Oddfellows – Looking for ice cream or ice cream cookie sandwiches? The ice cream flavors are regularly changing but you can count on a chocolate chip cookie smushing some amazing ice cream no matter what. Any flavor with peanut butter or red velvet cake usually does the trick.
  6. Boulton & Watt – This is a total wild card. Due to delivery services like Seamless and UberEats, Boulton & Watt’s cookie skillet is available for you to order. I’m guessing you wont receive a skillet but at least you get a warm chocolate chip cookie pie. For $10 off your first purchase on UBER EATS use code “CHEKMARKEATS” at check out.
  7. Dominque Ansel Kitchen – Also now available on TryCaviar, you can buy made to order cookies from the pastry king himself. My favorite homemade cereal and DKA is also available. You can also buy directly from their website for delivery or pick up.
  8. City Cakes – This is my FAVORITE chocolate chip half-pound cookie in not just New York City but the entire world. I eat a chocolate chip cookie at least 3-4 times a week and am always on the hunt. No one can beat these guys! Perfect crisp on the edge and doughy in the center. Also try the peanut butter, red velvet, chocolate chocolate chip, and cupcakes. See what is better or bigger than this?
  9. Jars By Dani – Colorful dessert jars made by the adorable, Dani. Each jar is layered with either chocolate cake or vanilla cake and all the toppings you could ever choose from. Flavors include: Cookies n’ Cream, White Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and more. Ships nationally.
  10. Erin McKenna Bakery – For gluten-free and vegan options, look no further than this spot formerly known as Baby Cakes. Donuts, loaves, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and their awesome brownie Make sure you place your delivery order a few days in advance which is $24 fee.