Best Take-Out + Delivery for Date Night in Austin

Take-out and delivery have certainly changed rapidly with some nicer restaurants now offering menus  due to COVID-19. Who would’ve thought that you’d be able to get an Omakase delivered to your door for two or martini’s? To help navigate some of the fancier options in our “new life,” I’ve created a list of Best Date Night meals from high-end to also just simple and tasty when trying to save money on (where you can find every restaurant offering delivery/take-out with details and specials), and I’ve also included what to order from each of these restaurants below. Hope these meals help you get lucky 😉

  1. Uroko: $45 omakase each for 2! This is def the ultimate and you’ll probably never see this again. I trust this to-go option unlike fries which always end up soggy.
  2. Kyoten Sushiko: Another omakse only place offering take-out with poké bowls and spicy tuna rolls.
  3. Dai Due: Bolognese Dinner Kit – Heat & Serve Wild Boar and Veal Bolognese Sauce (1 qt), Semolina Gnocchi and Large Green Salad. Serves 3-4. Stock up on various groceries offered such as: Kimchi and fresh sourdough bread.
  4. June’s All Day: Matzo Ball Caldo
  5. Franklin BBQ: Brisket and Pork Ribs, of course!  Hot orders open up at Tuesday at 10:30am.
  6. Emmer & Rye: Dry Aged Wagyu Sirloin – Steak from Winters Family Beef served with confit leeks, shiitake mushrooms, and turnip soubise (can be DF), Freedom Ranger Chicken Thigh, and Tavel’s Dark Chocolate Brownie. Free delivery on Rainey St.
  7. Lenoir: Spicy Fish Curry – Spicy tomato curry, sweet potato, cilantro. Serves 2-3 people.
  8. Intero: Wagyu beef burger, shortrib agrodolce, tartar sauce, beef fat brioche. 30% off wine.
  9. Justine’s Brasserie: Steak Frites – with choice of sauce au poivre, roquefort, or buerre maitred.
  10. Jeffrey’s: King Crab & Avo Toast; Gulf Red Snapper “On the Half Shell” – 8 oz oak grilled, red pepper chimichurri; Yukon Gold Pommes Puree. Add a martini to-go!
  11. Monger’s: Monger’s Lobster Roll or the Fish Tacos (3 per order) – crispy red snapper, chipotle crema, cabbage, cilantro, homemade corn tortillas
  12. Moonshine Patio Bar/Grill (only north location): Cornflake Fried Chicken Salad and Green Chile Mac & Cheese
  13. Patrizi’sNic Patrizi is making handmade pasta daily out of a food truck and right now the “Dinner for Two” option isn’t available but he can curate a special menu for you–just ask! Other chek recs: Patrizi’s Red Sauce, Meatball, Roasted Carrots
  14. Sour Duck MarketOpen Weds-Sunday with grocery items, baked goods, wine and beer. Order Roasted Butternut & Sunchoke Salad + Dirty Fried Rice.
  15. The Beer PlantMulligatawny Soup (I LOVE THIS ONE), Eggplant Parmesan, Sriracha Brussels Sprouts
  16. Via 313Yes, it’s date night, but you know you just want Detroit-Style pizza in your P.J.’s. You can put on lipstick and make it count. Most of their locations are pick-up only. Order: The Original Pepperoni and Omnivore Detroit-Style and Plain Cheese Bar-Style.