Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in New York City

Chocolate Chip Cookies might be are the best gift to the world, and it’s no doubt one (or five) always slaps a smile onto one’s face. If there’s one claim I’m going to make, it’s that I am a Chocolate Chip Cookie connoisseur, and I can tell you where to find the best all over the city. The list of top ten Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in New York City include:

  1. Levain Bakery: I would sacrifice an arm and two legs for these gooey monsters (1st pic)
  2. Blue Smoke weird, random, but true (2nd pic)
  3. Momofuku Milk Bar: wildcard…the Compost/Cornflake cookies are not chocolate chip, per se, but they are my go-to cookie
  4. Molly’s Cupcakes: traditional chocolate chip cookie (3rd pic)
  5. Jacques Torres: legit and love the ice cream cookie sandwiches more
  6. Crumbs Bakeshoptry the chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookie!
  7. City Bakery: it looks like a champion, but for some reason it’s missing a little something…however, it can get the job done
  8. Insomnia Cookies: pretty simple and tastes like the best slice-n-bake cookie possible; melted chips and 2 a.m. delivery are a plus
  9. Roxy Delicatessen:(only when in need of a cookie in Times Square): make sure to have the staff heat it up
  10. Petrossian Bakerythis cookie is the bully of all cookies -intense and rich in chocolate
  11. Sweet Corner Bakeshop: Sea Salt with chocolate chunks. DONE.

For more cookie options check out Serious Eats, one of the best food blogs in NYC, and its outstanding Chocolate Chip Cookie guide created here back in 2009.  Don’t ever pass up a good Chocolate Chip Cookie! 

***P.S. Baked in Red Hook, receives raving reviews about cooking up some of the best baked goods in NYC. If anyone ever makes it out there, please bring me back some treats!