Best Cake in New York City

I’m a firm believer that you can have your cake and eat it too. Just make it happen, people. When you need something sweet for birthday parties, office celebrations, anniversaries or even if you want to show someone how special they are, you get them cake! While a homemade cake says everything, we live in New York. So when it’s time to party, here are the best cakes and slices to pick-up at bakeries as well as available at restaurants:

  1. Momofuku Milk Bar (East Village and Williamsburg) – While the birthday cake or rainbow cake crumble is something you’ll see on instagram or at most parties, you guys need to fight the urge for this one and try the Apple Pie Cake. This is definitely at the top of my list. What is better than an apple pie flavored cake where you can get the best of both worlds? It has a cheesecake filling, apple compote and, of course, pie crumbs.
  2. Billy’s Bakery (Chelsea) – A banana bread cake sounds, well, different. No fear, here. This cake with vanilla icing throws people for a loop and keeps them coming back for more. You’ll always remember this one.
  3. Sugar Sweet Sunshine (Lower East Side) – While the peanut butter chocolate pudding is my go-to here, I also approve the Black and White which is chocolate cake and vanilla icing.
  4. Ferrara’s Bakery & Cafe (Little Italy) – This old school Italian bakery in Little Italy which has amazing ice cream by the way also carries the richest piece of chocolate cake I’ve ever had in my life. Chocolate lovers rejoice!
  5. Magnolia Bakery (West Village) – While I think their cupcakes are a flop, their cakes and cookies pull the weight here. Go for the carrot cake slice.
  6. Katz’s Delicatessen (Lower East Side) – Yes, another famous deli is on this list. Katz’s layered yellow cake with chocolate icing tastes just like a homemade, simple slice. No buttercream, fondant or sugary icing that leaves residue in your teeth. When you are roaming around the Lower East Side at 4 a.m. and craving a piece of cake, you might agree with me that it’s the best you’ve had since mom’s. Yes, you can have the option of cake 24 hours a day.
  7. Bodega Negra (Meatpacking) – I’ll take a show with my cake anytime. The Don Huevo at Bodega Negra is a dark chocolate molten cake hidden inside a white chocolate mold. The server pours some warm caramel sauce over it and wa-la the chocolate melts and reveals the chocolate cake inside.
  8. Peacefood Cafe (Union Square and UWS) – For the vegan adaptor, go for the Strawberry Shortcake. This cute circular cake is made with two savory and sweet biscuits with strawberry filling. You’d never know it was dairy free.
  9. Carnegie Deli (Midtown West)- The Strawberry Cheesecake is hands down the best cheesecake I’ve ever had in my entire life. No other deli or restaurant can compare. Luckily the slice is massive so you won’t be angry about sharing.
  10. Pasticceria Rocco (West Village) – The snicker’s pie is one of my favorites, but for those who aren’t chocolate fans by choice (which means you must be allergic), go for the Fruitta di Bosca. It’s basically a fruit tart/pie/cake, whatever you want to call it with cream and fresh berries.