21 Best Brunches in Austin, Texas

Brunch should not be confused with breakfast tacos – that will be a separate post. Brunch involves a menu full of eggs, pancakes, french toast, avocado toast, and a lovely table to sit at and have your choice of mimosa or coffee, etc. I will admit, sometimes I have a hard time finding a place to eat at noon in Austin that has breakfast food. I am always eager to try somewhere new, but these have become my go-to favorites. Let me know if I’m missing yours!

1. Bouldin Creek Cafe – A vegetarian favorite. Beware of the tofu eggs, and stick to the real deal! Get the Zucchini Migas Plate with Black Beans. YUM!

2. Oseyo – Oseyo’s new brunch is the best I’ve had in Austin in a long time, and one that I now desire each weekend because going out for breakfast tacos isn’t the same kind of hospitality as a sit-down scrumptious brunch. A lot of “brunch cities” like NYC or LA have restaurants serving heaping plates of homemade bagels and lox and fluffy pastry baskets or omelettes, but a lot of my favorite Austin restaurants that would serve a higher end caliber of work don’t even offer this meal period. Plus, many of the ones that do just have breakfast tacos and plain Jane egg, toast, and bacon plates. Oseyo’s warming and enriching menu is worth leaping out of bed for and perfect for big groups to share and enjoy the discovery of Korean brunch as it doesn’t really exist in their culture and they’ve created this just for Austin. Go for the Hot Pot Ramyun, a standout with its incredible chicken broth, which I personally prefer over pork broth, and it’s a fun play as they keep a flame burning under the pot at the table and you serve your individual bowls with tongs. I still can’t stop thinking about the Shrimp & Juk, their take on shrimp and grits that kind of reminded me of congee with its savory rice porridge that’s so creamy from the perfectly cooked rice! Start the meal with the Black Sesame Swirl Pumpkin Bread, which reminded me of a pancake starter since it’s served with butter and maple syrup, and yes, still end with Jujube Sticky Toffee Pudding with caramel sauce – it’s worth every bite! The gorgeous lighting in the dining room and well-curated space is just the right style to make you feel at home, yet out and special.

3. June’s All Day – You might be obsessed with the outstanding wine list and June’s Brut Rosé, but don’t let that pinhole you into only going during happy hour (4-6 p.m). The pastry game with scones and Monster cookies along with the best sourdough in town is a perfect morning greeting. Go for the Breakfast Chalupa topped with egg whites, avocado, ricotta salata, and if you are always going to go for the omelette option, this is my favorite one in town. It’s fluffy yet firm and stuffed with boursin.

4. Better Half –  This hipster coffee and cocktail spot made its way to the West Side. Go for the buttermilk biscuits and stay for the Fried Chicken.

5. Fonda Veracruz & Bar – This newer spot is one of my new favs for brunch! My takeaways were the Picadas with Ranchera Sauce and Fried Egg (sort of like an open faced tortilla with an almost English muffin texture) and Cantaloupe Agua Fresca!

6. Lutie’s – This spot has made its way up to one of my favorite brunches in town. Nothing is off limits here with brunch options like the Bagel Board with Almost Everything, Turkish Eggs with Flatbread, and best of all Lemon Soft Serve with Granola.

7. Mattie’s – A 23-acre historical piece of land in Bouldin Creek with live peacocks running amok makes this place feel Southern and old Austin. It began as a farmhouse and now is known for some of the best biscuits with local honey in town. It feels like a perfect post Sunday church brunch spot as it’s sophisticated yet comfortable with several rooms and old pieces of art to look at. It also makes for a great wedding venue p.s.

8. Proud Mary – Originally from Portland, this South Lamar spot is known for their top notch coffee and stellar food items. While I love a lot of their menu, some dishes come with a side of their housemate Roti and it’s the best I have ever had!

9. Launderette – Known for its birthday cake ice cream sandwiches (only at dinner though), I recently discovered that brunch is an equal delight. The covered patio is soothing, cute, and a perfect spot for Turkish Eggs and homemade zucchini bread topped with a hunk of butter.

10. Josephine House – Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Berries, Homemade Cereal with Nut Milk, Nutella stuffed Morning Buns, and what I believe to be as the BEST Huevos Rancheros in town. No joke.

11. The Well– Located downtown on 2nd street, this spot has a front lounge like cafe for breakfast and brunch everyday of the week and regular service for dinner. You’ll see immunity shots, açaí bowls, smoothies in the morning, and my favorite dish is actually the breakfast tacos on cassava “tortillas.” You’ll quickly learn its a hot spot for meetings and power players in the area as it’s all gluten, soy, and refined sugar free. It’s worth it!

12. Clark’s – When you think of Clark’s oysters and martini’s are synonymous, but I love the Banana & Blueberry Pancakes. Also, since the Cioppino is my favorite dish literally in all of Austin, the addition of grits and poached egg in the bowl at brunch makes me smile.

13. Rollin Smoke BBQ– Since we are in Texas, there is a chance you want to skip the eggs and pancakes and head straight to the smoked meat! I love going to this food truck on East 6th on Sunday specifically for the QuesaTaco. It’s a crisped (fried) corn tortilla stuffed with beef cheek, cilantro, onions, Oaxaca cheese, queso fresco, and a verde sauce made with smoked chiles, They open at 11 a.m. on weekends.

14. Paperboy – A great East Austin food truck turned brick-and-mortar with glorious rooftop seating and a walk-up coffee window. They have an unending bakery list of croissants, pop-tarts, bear claws, and caramelized onion cheddar scones. You’ll find basic brunch dishes but not in a negative way, just in the way of being able to order exactly what you want with a fun local crowd. All kinds of toasts (cinnamon, whipped ricotta, avocado), sandwiches, burger, salads, and bowls. I like the Kale Salad with chickpea, sweet potato, basil pesto, sunflower seeds, soft boiled egg, and parmesan. But the two biggest standouts are the Chocolate Chip Pancake (so fluffy that it seems it was made in a deep skillet) and the Migas rival some of my other favs in town!

15. Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum – This is a great way to shake it up from your classic brunch dishes. Known for their soup dumplings, I’d slurp my brunch any day here. My favorite dumpling (which actually isn’t made with soup) is the Shrimp Har Kaw, which is beautifully made almost resembling a seashell.

16. Qi – In the same family as Lin, Qi is actually my favorite of the two! You can get almost the same menu here as Lin, so you won’t miss out either way.

17. Magnolia Cafe – Might bring back memories from late night’s in college, but their migas and chocolate chip pancakes are one for the books when you feel like you don’t want to go out and put pants on. No one will judge you here. Used to be open 24 hours so check due to new hours.

18. Odd Duck– This wild restaurant always blows my socks off. I never know what I’m getting and always leave surprised and satisfied. The menu changes regularly but right now I’m enjoying their Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pecan-Pork Fat Crumble, Breakfast Pizza SLICE with Pork Shoulder and Soft Scrambled Eggs, and the Sunny Chicken Egg, Tots, Duck, and Carrot Hot Sauce.

19. Two Hands– This is an Australian cafe owned by Australians and started in New York City. The Music Lane spot is a perfect pleaser for any type of person or eater, and you can always make a reservation in advance if you just do it. I prefer the lunch style food over the breakfast, but if you want eggs go for the Two Hands Seasonal Scramble that is soft ribboned eggs, avocado, on a piece of toast from Sour Duck. My favorite item on the menu is the Brassicas Salad with Charred Broccolini, Brussels Sprouts, Kale, Hummus, Soft-Boiled Eggs, Avocado, Pickled Shallots, Buzz Chili, Seeds .They also have a walk-up coffee window for lattes.

20. Tamale House – A photo of Frida Kahlo made me feel like I had found the right place. The Migas are covered in chips and queso and I would’ve liked it to be a little more egg heavy, but the restaurant lives up to its name and the Chicken Tamale was rad!

21. Cenote – No reservations needed. Seat yourself at the picnic tables in the bag or cozy up inside with a book and your coffee. Counter service makes the bill easy for a large group and there are healthy and indulgent options for all kinds of eaters. I am in love with the Cenote Scramble because I’m a pesto and capers girl. Why have I never had this combo on eggs anywhere else? Order the biscuit off the menu.