Best Biscuits in New York City

The Meatball Shop UESHundred Acres
So biscuits are my favorite thing to order WITH my brunch on the weekends. Some people order coffee or a mimosa to start, I order a biscuit. Even if I’m not in the mood, I have to try it. The bigger they are, usually the better they are. Most biscuits in New York, I’ve found are not flaky like the Pillsbury ones you grew up with out of that can. They are indeed buttery, thick and soft. My absolute favorite which still stands strong and in first place is Cookshop’s buttermilk biscuit (a similar version can also be found at their other spots Five Points and Hundred Acres. The rest below are listed in no particular order

  1. Cookshop (Chelsea) – You can order it as a side or choose my favorite combo which is the Cookshop Scramble with scrambled eggs, lox and caramelized onions smashed between a biscuit
  2. Bubby’s (Tribeca) – It’s flaky and doughy and fluffy and just like heaven
  3. The Dutch (SoHo)– These are mini little biscuits and the honey it’s served with makes it a complete package
  4. Jane (SoHo) – Be smart and get the trifecta for brunch which comes with grits, a biscuit and eggs.
  5. Northern Spy Food Co (East Village). – These are huge and come two to an order. Browned on the outside and doughy in the middle.
  6. The Smith (East Village, Midtown)– It’s a little stronger than your traditional biscuit as it’s filled with cheese and chives.
  7. Hill Country Chicken (Flatiron) – It fits in the palm of your hand and is a standard delicious biscuit that you expect
  8. Jacob’s Pickles (Upper West Side) – This is the best biscuit for an egg sandwich because it holds it together well. It’s square like and crumbly- not flaky.
  9. Ken & Cook (Lower East Side) – This baby is served with fried chicken and the honey already poured on it made me order a second one for dessert
  10. The Meatball Shop (Upper East Side)– While only available at brunch at the UES location, it’s dense and hearty
  11. Barking Dog (Murray Hill) – The cool part about this biscuit is that it comes with your meal