Best Austin Vintage Shops

American Drifter – Bouldin Creek vintage shoppers, this one’s for you! Boots, jeans, disco rodeo vibes—this vintage shop has you covered with all the western wear. It’s a little pricier than other thrift stores but worth it if you are looking for something specific, a nice pair of boots, sequins, jeans, or wanting a one of a kind western piece.

Charm School Vintage – Check out this east side vintage shop by Try Hard. They have perfumes according to your astrological sign, quirky jewelry, interesting books, and (not that you need one with the Texas heat starting to roll in) fur coats.

Ramblin’ Rose – A bunch of my friends went to LSU with Paige who owns this vintage trailer that she sets up Thursday through Sunday from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. outside Sagebrush. Ramblin’ Rose has hip jackets, glittery sequins, cowboy boots, beautiful scarves, and so many other cool Western apparel items. I stopped by her trailer and quickly landed on a pair of red leather lace-up boots, which were for a great price ($60) just like the rest of her shop! Since April 2017, Ramblin’ Rose has been a staple in town with her one-of-a-kind selections, and she just finished making the coolest mannequin covered in disco ball tiles. She also plays the piano and sings regularly at Sagebrush and other venues and puts on a Honky Tonk Catwalk Fashion Show a couple times a year which is a thrill to watch.

Olio Collection – Run out of Emily’s house seasonally, Olio is a unique vintage pop-up that makes your day when you see she’s setting up shop! Olio sells everything from luscious furs, chunky gold jewelry, broaches, bags, and more! Be sure to follow her on Instagram to stay up to date on her next sale.

Big Bertha’s Paradise – A small North Loop shop known for designer offerings, Big Bertha’s Paradise feels like an overflowing closet that keeps me coming back to explore. The employees are so attentive, often whipping out items you’re on the hunt for and that match your personal style. I appreciate that they offer recommendations for both affordable and luxury vintage items. To be honest, I don’t even do any work searching when I go there. I just ask John if he has this or that and he always pulls something from out of a hat in this tiny space! My favorite gold purse and my red sequined dress I got for my disco party birthday party a few years ago were things he threw on me, and I am always happy to go back to see what else I can find!