Best Things I Ate in Austin 2019

Usually I think it makes sense to write about the best NEW restaurants at the end of the year, but I decided to switch things up and make every restaurant fair game. Why? Because they still count and are constantly evolving their menus or perfecting their service, so let’s not forget about them! (The first 7 are new restaurants and the last 10 are older).

  1. Mum Foods -Pastrami Sandwich
  2. Uncle Nicky’s – Sardines and Saltines
  3. Vixen’s Wedding – Piri Piri Chicken and Paratha Bread
  4. Asador– Chicken Tacos
  5. Comedor – Huitaloche Quesadilla or Bone Marrow Tacos
  6. Nixta– Sweet Potato Taco
  7. Oseyo – Hwedup Bap aka Raw Fish and Seasonal Vegetables with Sweet & Spicy Sauce over Rice
  8. Lenoir – Whole Roasted Fish with Goan Crab Curry
  9. Il Brutto – Burrata Pizza
  10. Koriente– Obake Bowl A with Tuna (when you need something that tastes home cooked!)
  11. Carpenters Hall – Turkey Club
  12. Manuel’s -Crab Nachos – we ended up with two orders for 4 people
  13. Pho Please – Chicken and Steamed Veggie Pho – when you need good broth and a warm meal
  14. Clark’s – Cheeseburger
  15. Odd Duck – Ceviche
  16. Soursop – Fried Chicken Sandwich
  17. Suerte – Goat Barbacoa
  18. Ranch Hand– Heart Brand Bowl with Chimichurri


  1. ThoroughBread– Banana Nutella Cookie
  2. Russell’s Bakery – Vanilla and Raspberry Cake
  3. Capital City Bakery – Honey Bear Cupcake
  4. Thai Fresh– Golden Milk Ice Cream
  5. Red Ash– Chocolate Cake
  6. Swedish Hill – Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie
  7. Sixth & Waller– Thai Tea Daily Cookie
  8. Fresa’s – Churros


  1. Bufalina’s Guest Chef Dinner with Katie Parla – Whole Fish and Bolognese
  2. Lucky Lime – Butternut Squash Lasagna and Poke Bowl available for delivery and at Thom’s
  3. Lambas Royal Indian Food – Chicken Tikka Wrap at ACL Eats
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