Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino which means “Chinese hood” in Spanish is the answer to every Tex-Mex-guacamole-margarita lover’s prayers. It’s located right at the border of Chinatown and spices things up not only with its jalepeno-infused tequilas but also with its Asian painted scrolls, paper hanging lanterns and Chinese writing above the bathroom. There is not much room for movement in this miniature, popular haven. The middle has high-top wooden tables with stools for communal seating or larger parties. It’s best to come with a small group so you can snag a seat by the window which overlooks Broome and all the mayhem happening on the street. It’s imperative that you try several of the margs here. The bartender creates flavors with fresh fruit and doesn’t touch any of those nasty sugary syrups. Imagine a Strawberry Vanilla margarita with fresh muddled strawberries packed down at the bottom of your drink with a refreshing vanilla kick. It might even trick you into thinking that you are somewhere laying on the beach Mexico. The Grapefruit and Hibiscus are also popular choices, and if you’re not careful, you’ll guzzle these delicious bullets down so fast you’d think you were drinking a Squeeze-It. Remember those guys?

Anyway, the thick homemade chips go great with the guacamole, and the spicy salsa roja it comes with must be added to make it more flavorful. For brunch, the Huevos a La Mexicano get the job done with some crunch provided by jalepenos and onions, and for some reason it kind of reminded me a hint of fried rice (hope that doesn’t ruin it for some of you, but hey it’s called Barrio Chino). Everything tastes pretty authentic and you can’t really beat $8 brunch dishes and $12 dinner platos. Barrio Chino is the place I want to be every weekend for brunch and dinner. I could easily spend the whole day here, and you’ll understand why once you find this unmarked gem.