BarBossa is a little Brazilian spot settled on Elizabeth Street in Nolita. It’s very easy to walk past it without even recognizing it’s there or that it could possibly be a hidden gem. While it’s right in my neighborhood, it took a while to get me in after one of my friends (hey, Amy) kept requesting that I visit and document here. BarBossa almost has a similar Latin/Cuban vibe to Havana Alma de Cuba with it’s lively music, dark lit dining room and small quarters for tables. The menu is flooded with mouthwatering dishes for any kind of mood whether it be a healthy salad or a heavier curry or stew. They also have very spicy and strong drinks that are served in water sized glasses- thanks for that. IMG_7821Tuna Tartare Salad
We started with the Baked Bacalhau which is creamed salt cod and potato with grilled bread- obviously because it came in a skillet (FYI the offer this for brunch with eggs). I’ve never really had a dish like this nor do I often have seafood with what seemed like melted cheese. Scooping up the cheese and fish onto a baguette slice is unusual, foreign and amazing all at once. I loved this appetizer and there was nothing left of it. The Seared Tuna Tartare Salad looks great and is a ball of fresh fish, but I’ve definitely had better at other seafood or sushi joints. On the up side, this is unusually accompanied by ricotta toast which is a nice treat. Other salads are a Brazilian Steak Salad, Roasted Chicken Cobb and aGreek Salad.

The best dish was the Chicken and Mango Coconut Curry. This dish bursts with flavor and is one you might not want to share, but you’ll be glad you did because I don’t think you could ever get enough of it anyway. It has Thai accents and the mango and chicken pairing over the rice which soaks it up is a dream. It’s mild, sweet curry, and I love the cashew crunch on top.  They also offer a Shrimp and Avocado Tomato Curry and  Portuguese Seafood Stew with calamari, shrimp, mussels in a garlic seafood broth over rice.

IMG_7825Chicken and Mango Coconut Curry
BarBossa has a big picnic style table in the back area by the bathroom that is a bit closed off from the rest of the restaurant. Keep this in mind for big groups or birthday dinners. It’s more intimate and fun back here as you can make a mess of yourselves and be loud without disturbing others. Additionally, the prices at the restaurant are a life saver. We walked out paying about $30 each for three dishes and six drinks. The restaurant is busy, but it doesn’t have a long line out the door making it accessible for those looking for a last minute dinner spot on a Saturday night. BarBossa is for the locals and the downtown neighbors and you should probably become one of them.