Bar Sardine

Bar Sardine is squeaky clean and polished. You feel beautiful just walking in and simultaneously feel like you are in good casual company when you grab a seat at the tiny bar or window stools spaced around the perimeter. There is no specific scene inside because it’s all about what’s outside and walking by you. This is a positive scene. The West Village is one of the sweetest and comforting neighborhoods that you can access some peace, quiet and deep breaths in and to be able to stare out onto these streets is prime. On a Sunday afternoon, this is where you need to brunch. You might think it’s better for an after work drinks spot or to grab their special burger, but guess what? You can do all this during the day as well. I love the brunch menu just like all their sister restaurants: Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey’s Grocery, Perla and Montmarte, they offer just the right amount and the right kind of dishes so that you legit want every single one. There are no plain ones added on there for that one person that must have their boring three eggs cooked any style with bacon and potatoes. Everything shines bright like a star and is made from the heart. Smoked White Fish Toast with a Slow Cooked Egg, Root Vegetable Hash and a Grilled Cheese with Eggplant Tomato Tapenade with beer mustard. Um, yes.


I couldn’t look at the menu another time after I saw Breakfast Sandwich with Baked Egg, Smoked Chicken Meatballs, Gruyere and Jalapeños because I didn’t want to accidentally change my mind or have orderers remorse later. This little guy smushed right in my hands and the spices on the meatballs are great. I think it could have been a tiny bit better if the eggs were scrambled versus baked, but then again it probably would have tasted the same. The sandwich isn’t too heavy or the kind of breakfast sandwich that will make you feel even more hungover later. It’s just the right size and quite cute. The Fedora Burger with smoked cheddar, crispy potatoes, cucumbers and BBQ mayo also disappeared off my friend’s plate quite quickly. It’s extremely juicy abut not as rare as some of my other favorites. People go for this burger because of the BBQ Mayo. It’s the special sauce that ooh’s and ahh’s you here. I also love the cucumbers. 

Bar Sardine brunch is for the girl who wants to read The New York Times Sunday Style alone on a Sunday, for the bros that need a cool spot to grab brunch and not feel like a woman, for the cool empty nesters who’ve lived in the West Village for years and for those who want that extra umph of a feeling on a Sunday where you can take your time and enjoy your life before it passes by too fast.