Bar Bolonat

Chef Einat Admony’s has now added a new Israeli and Mediterranean restaurant to her profile joining the likes of everyone’s favorite falafel ball, Taim and Balaboosta. Upon first entrance, the space feels extremely welcoming because of how modern, sleek and the square bar in the center is sleek enough to allow for a great meal experience there as well. The lighting is pretty dim and the windows look onto Hudson Street. The EveryDay Cauliflower is made with bamba and peanut tahini. It really does taste like peanut butter, and we weren’t upset about it. It’s super crunchy as if it’s almost fried and a very new flavor than I’ve ever had on this vegetable. I also loved the Shrimp in Yemenite Curry with coconut milk, schug, malawah and cilantro. A flaky pastry biscuit sits atop the broiled shrimp and reminds me of an amazing Pillsbury Crescent roll which can really never get old.  The dish is a smaller plate and perfect for sharing. In fact, while there are several enticing large plate options including a Grouper with Falafel Crust, Lamb Belly & Shoulder and a Poussin, it seems a better idea to try several (if not all) of the small plates.

Surprisingly, the Green Fatush salad with herbs, avocado, cucumber, feta and mint vinaigrette. Yes, it’s just a salad, but it beats any lunch day chopped salad. It’s so fresh, tastes like Israel and a salad that you can crave and even go as far as ordering it for pick-up. The Japanese Eggplant was tasty but not my style. Try the Jerusalem Bagel instead.

Bar Bolonat is one of those places you need to have in your back pocket. Whether you need a meeting place to grab a drink, a spot for appetizers for a date or a place in the hood where you want to get after some solid food. It’s not the magical spot to take your breath away, but it is a spot to fill that void when you need something uplifting and trusting. They also have a $65 family style tasting menu.