I ❤️ Austin Restaurants: Recipes + How to Support Them!

With Texas opening back up rapidly, you can see most of our [favorite] Austin restaurants are not. If you don’t work in the food industry, you might not understand the high food/labor margins that make it tough to earn a profit, even at a 100% dining room capacity. While the decision is unclear on how they can keep afloat right now, I value these chefs and restauranteurs for waiting a sec to see what happens before they swing their doors open. As in true hospitality form, they care about your health and making sure you have the best and most memorable experience while in their hands. In a TEENY effort to help support them until they reopen fully, I put together a FREE downloadable recipe booklet from top restaurants I miss with dishes such as—Comedor’s Quesadilla, Sway’s Son in Law, Asador’s Pollo Tacos, Launderette inspired Burger with Chef Rene Ortiz, Henbit’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, and more.  I made this with my good pal Rosee Qualls (who did my graphic design for The Austin Playbook  DM me if you want to purchase a copy as I turned off the digital shop for now).

Download the “I ❤️ Austin Restaurants” recipe collection for free!

THERE’S MORE —> at the bottom of each recipe, you’ll see ways in which you can help give back to each of these restaurants whether it be a Venmo, Go Fund Me, or takeout options. We also have a resources page at the end on best places for shopping, where to buy wine that makes a difference, and home goods.



Alex + Rosee

from Comedor’s Assembly Kitchen boxes