The Austin Playbook Now Available! + $1,000 in Perks

After receiving daily texts and emails about where to eat, drink, sleep, and what’s the best boat to rent in Austin, I decided to write my first downloadable book. This fun, handy, and beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide has every question answered with my best recommendations all in one place so locals and visitors can have a winning experience in this wonderful city.

The Austin Playbook: An Expert’s Guide to Food, Drinks, Music, Bachelor(ette) Itineraries is a curated, online-only, 15-page booklet that also includes, wait for it……..
$1,000 worth of discount perks from local restaurants, fitness studios, and hotel businesses– all of course that I approve. The pages have lil’ anecdotes from my experiences and only include my TOP recommendations so you have all the tools and information to make a decision based on what you need without sifting through overwhelming long lists.

***Book is available for purchase HERE. Or  email chekmarkeats at gmail, or DM me on instagram.

Otherwise the pages are divided by: BBQ, Tacos, Live Music, Outdoor Activities, Bakeries, Bars, Hotels, 76 Restaurants and what to order, and three day weekend itineraries for both a Bachelorette and a Bachelor Party, so there is no stress in planning! Any local or visitor can certainly use these as well for a good time and hitting all the spots.

One last thing, once you buy above (yay!) there are directions on how purchasers can redeem gifts aka discounts inside, so make sure you read that tip on the intro page. Now, lets get after it, and enjoy this lovely city of Austin! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to hire me to help with more in depth planning [email protected].



Photo by Kathleen Pieratt Photography

Book Designed by Rosee Qualls