Atlantic Grill – Upper East Side

Atlantic Grill is one of my strong staples whenever I need a good place to take parents or people above 40. The Upper East Side neighborhood caters to this crowd and the quality seafood and never ending options from raw seafood towers, sushi, amazing salads and all kinds of fish entrees with special seasonings or just simply grilled fulfills my kind of night out. It’s a good place to take people who don’t have a versatile palate or don’t like trying to many things because it’s not small plates and you can order your own entree. However, for those that are the quintessential sharer load up on the sushi and the Warm Brussels Sprouts Caesar salad to start. I absolutely love this salad. It’s perfect on a cold day and you wont be able to stop digging your fork in this pile of love. It doesn’t take much like a Caesar salad, ¬†I love the parmesan and thinly shaved sprouts. The Tempura Spicy Rock Shrimp is a pretty good roll option. The best part is the sweet apricot-miso glaze drizzled on top. The entree portions are pretty hefty so you might not need as many rolls as you might think or you might want to share an entree if you rather try some more raw bar or side options. IMG_5403The specials are always mouthwatering and hard to pass up. We had a striped bass with fall flavors such as pumpkin and butternut squash risotto (2nd pic). Let’s just say it was unreal and we wrecked it. It’s hard to step outside the list of entrees especially after you see the grand presentation of the big eye tuna which are two gigantic triangle shaped pieces, but I do think the Simply Grilled Branzino is one of the most satisfying and reliable fish dishes in New York. It’s healthy and lacks all of that butter and mystery magic sauce that you never know what chefs add and is just baked with olive oil, lemon garlic, capers and a side of broccolini and potatoes. It tastes just like Mom makes it. When you need a break from dining out but also can’t swing it, this is a selection to choose from as they also have Simply Grilled Salmon, Scallops, Tuna, etc.

IMG_5375 IMG_5386OH and that damn bread basket. How could I forget. ¬†There is the multi grain roll that I usually dive for, but the Parker House-esque Roll is doughy, butter and something you’ll want to shove down your throat a few times during the meal. I wish more restaurants offered these gems instead of hard ‘ole baguettes. Any who, be sure to ask to sit in the back dining room with all of the mirrors. It’s a lot brighter lighting compared to the more wooden room when you first walk in and it just feels better. The staff is very accommodating and it’s perfect for tourists and inhabited by everyone who lives in the neighborhood.

Whatever you do, do not miss the Salted Caramel Cake. For those of you who are over this sweet and salty trend, stand by one last time. The combination of the soft cake with the toffee-like crunch will strap a smile on your face for the rest of the night- no matter how many rolls are already stuffed in your stomach at this point. The warm chocolate chip cookies aren’t doughy enough for my preference but they actually tasted better to me the next day once they had cooled a bit, so go for those, too.

Atlantic Grill will always please and satisfy the loyal seafood lover and every time I get the chance to pick a place in the Upper East Side or with parents staying uptown, I’m excited to always have this place to count on. you can always get a res.

p.s. Skip brunch and stick to dinner where you can go seafood crazy.

p.p.s Upper West Siders you don’t have to cross the park. There is a second location at 64th and Broadway.

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